Tuesday, April 30, 2030

Somatics is not a "thing"

As part of my 3-year clinical training I had to write a philosophy paper about Somatics. Thomas Hanna was a philosopher in addition to a Hanna Somatics Educator. This is my paper. So while people ask "what is somatics?" maybe an understanding of what it is not will help people better understand what it is.


 If I can impart one key message about Essential Somatics it is this: Somatics is not a thing

Things can be gadgets, modalities or gurus. Things can be revered as special ways, maybe even mysterious ways to do something to achieve something. We seek these things for our problems, from losing weight to being better business owners to getting rid of pain. The point is these things are outside of ourselves. 

Somatics is not a thing.

Think back to when we were kids. We didn't know anything. Everything was new and exciting. We had a gazillion questions about everything. We touched things. We stuck things in our mouths. We tired to convey to others what we were feeling. We were aware of things that adults take for granted and go unnoticed.

We were using our brains and senses to figure things out. 

Let me say that again. 

We were using our brains and senses to figure things out. 

Fast forward to adulthood. If you are involved in adult education, the experts tell you, relate what you teach to something the (adult) student already knows.  

Which explains my dilemma. 

Since Somatics is not a thing, it can be challenging at first for some adults to “get” it.  We are adults after all, and have well entrenched beliefs and think we know pretty much everything, or at least enough to get by. That’s not meant as an insult. If we were to discover something that goes against our current beliefs we might not want to learn/believe/experience something new. That rigidity can be our enemy. Kids don’t think this way. They don’t have any preconceived notions, yet.

When people ask me what I do, to keep it short and sweet, I often just reply, "I teach people how to use their brains to get rid of their pains." 

Which usually breaks the ice--I mean everyone can relate to pain, right? So they want to know what exactly it is that I do.

So I explain what Somatics is and how it works, then they ask questions like:

"Is it like massage?" 


"So its like pilates, right?" 

Not even close. 


“Welllll....there could be some distant philosophical similarities."

Yoga is a perfect example of something that has become a thing. I don't claim to be a yoga expert, but what I like to call "western yoga" pays just a teensy tiny homage to “real yoga”. Western yoga is now sold as a physical exercise program. Some yoga schools have trademarked poses, sell special gear, heat yoga spaces to 100+ degrees 24/7 and play bass rock at the threshold of pain. In reality the yoga poses practiced in gyms across the US are just a fraction of the original physical, mental, and spiritual practice of yoga that originated in ancient India. Just one example of a thing, but I digress.

When I chat with clients and total strangers about Somatics they tell me all kinds of things they do for pain. 

“I have the best massage therapist! I've been going to him for years. He can fix me right up. Well, I feel amazing for a while, but then the pain comes back…."

“I was in an auto accident and now my left leg is shorter than my right, so my doctor told me to wear orthotics. I don’t really like them, but I need to wear them.”

There is some sort of all-knowing, ubiquitous “they” that doles out advice that becomes part of our beliefs, because we’ve heard these “tips” so many times. 

They say we should walk with our backs like this.” 

“I’ve heard I should do this with my shoulders.” 

“I’m trying to get my pelvis to do X." 

These shoes will make me run like this.” 

“I try to engage my abs to X percent.” 

“My pain is because I have arthritis/compression/stenosis/etc.”

You’ve probably got your own. I know I sure did! 

After a Somatics for Wellbeing class at Portland Community College, a man came up to me and said, "This class has been amazing. I’ve been going to a chiropractor for over 30 years and never felt like this! Who do you suggest I go see to continue this?" I looked at him, and said, "Uh, me? Since Somatics has been so great for you, how about you come in for a hands-on session with me, a Somatics Educator?" He looked at me like I didn't understand and replied, "No, I mean, can you recommend a good massage therapist. Or maybe I should go to an acupuncturist." I didn't press it, but he really back pedaled from pursuing Somatics. 

It dawned on me, he thought he needed a thing to fix his pain. It didn’t make me mad. It actually made me kind of sad. Sad that he had less faith in his own personal experience of himself, than some thing. 

I can relate though. After I was hit by a car while riding my bike I did pilates. A figured a “tight core” would help me, which is what we hear all the time, right? Now I know a tight core is the complete opposite of freedom of movement, which my body was lacking. I got acupuncture, which I really did enjoy, but the pains I had never went/stayed away. The chiropractor I saw was worthless but I wanted to believe what everyone said, that it would help. Physical therapy made my pain worse. I explored a bunch of other things, but nothing lasted. I will say cranio sacral work and osteopathic treatments were helpful, but slow going. 

Then I found a Somatics. The first time I explored the movements I got instant and lasting relief in my left hip and that was 4+ years ago. I was sold. I signed up to learn how to teach the movements in that book, and became a Certified Somatics Exercise Coach. 

I taught the movements to clients and they absolutely loved them! They felt things in their bodies that they hadn’t felt in a very long time, or maybe even ever. Cool!

Then I started reading Thomas Hanna’s books, Somatics: Reawakening The Mind's Control Of Movement, Flexibility, And Health; Bodies in Revolt;The Body of Life, and articles in Somatics Magazine. 

Thomas Hanna (1928-1990), who developed Hanna Somatics, was a philosopher who’s shining philosophy was how humans can become and remain physically and intellectually free. The driving force of his work as a Somatic Educator and philosopher was to help people realize the potential we all have, and with that potential we can take responsibility for our own bodies, lives and minds.
Humans, unlike other animals, have neo-cortexes—the thinking, executive functioning part of the brain— that make us human and give us free will. It’s when you understand that, then everything changes. And you realize Somatics is not a thing.

So if somatics is not a thing, what exactly is it, you ask?

You are not a thing either. You are a soma. Your body is what you see in the mirror and what others see when they look at you. Soma is greek for living body, which Hanna further defined as the body experienced from within and where we experience mind/body integration. So what you feel from within you is you. No one else can have that experience and that should just send chills down your spine if you think about it. You and your brain have a world in and of itself. No one can be you. No one can feel what you feel. And surprise! There is no mind-body “connection.” The brain and body are one, two sides of the same coin, wrapped up in the soma, the being, that is you, at this moment in time. 

Remember when I said when we were young we were using our brains to figure things out. Think about that. When you were a brand new baby you didn't know jack squat about how to do anything. While a baby horse can walk in 3 minutes after birth, a baby human can take anywhere from 6 to 17 months to walk. 

Consider this: no thing taught us how to do all the movements we learned to do, that lead to walking, that lead to running, skipping, hopping and so on. We didn’t need any thing to make it happen. No gadgets or contraptions.  Just our brains and nervous systems. We learned how to be and move all on our own. Our brains and nervous systems helped us balance our giant heads over our bodies. Our brains and nervous systems helped us go from lying face down to being able to lift our heads to face forward and our legs up in the air behind us. And as Thomas Hanna said, we were pretty stoked when we did that for the very first time. (I’m paraphrasing, of course.) That arching of the back is called the Landau Reflex and it's what leads human babies to get up and move forward into the world. It's a key stage of development. But again, no thing made that happen. We did it because we wanted to move forward! It was just us and our brains and nervous systems, evolution, and hopefully adequate caregivers encouraging us along the way. If we weren't motivated and using our senses, and had given up way back then, we'd still be in our cribs having someone changing our diapers. Ironically what we want to avoid as we get older. :-)

So what does that have to do with Somatics? Ah ha! This is where people start thinking Somatics a thing. Nope, Somatics is re-education. A re-education in you, and you are not a thing. With all the sensory stimulation we were absorbing as young babies and toddlers we literally taught ourselves to move well and freely. We were little masters of our destinies, and just imagine if we had continued on this trajectory of self awareness. But alas, just as we were about to take on the world, our training became externally driven. We were told: Sit down. Face forward. Stop moving about! What we had learned on our own was being taken away. Our brains started to prune away our freedom of movement and to some extent, unadulterated joy. 

Now, as adults we are looking for something to recapture that freedom. But many of us don’t think it is possible. We have pain, both physically and mentally. We may even think it’s our age and inevitable. We have been told that there are others outside of ourselves that know us better than we know ourselves. We go looking for these things to remedy us, when we can actually remedy ourselves. We have our brains and nervous systems still, after all. We are still somas. All the fabulous movement we could do at a young age was self taught. Now is the time to stop chasing things and look within. That is where our knowledge and power lies. Not outside of ourselves.

Body workers do just that; they work on bodies. Somatic educators are just here to help you reclaim what is rightfully yours, but forgotten. 

You once knew how to move with ease and you can do it again. 

Yes. You. Can.  

Somatics is just re-education to relearn our natural/god-given ability to do what we did on our own as children and babies. We learned by moving and we pandiculated. All animals pandiculate. That stretching thing your dog does every day is actually a pandiculation. It helps the muscles of the body relax to their natural resting length. We did the exact same thing all the time as babies and toddlers. You may still do it if you allow yourself to take a big yawn, reach your arms over your head and contract your muscles then let them gently go. No stretching. No strengthening. A pandiculation is just a neurophysiological reset to let go of excess tension in the body. If you can relax out of your patterns of tension and stress, you will move with freedom and contentment. No outside things make that happen. You do it.

I can help you have a better sense of yourself, and then you take it from there. Humans have been led astray from who they truly are. But with pandiculations, you will find that as you re-learn to move with ease, your life will become easier. Things will no longer have their draw. 

In all honesty, I think this is a key reason Somatics is not better known. Humans are the only species on the planet that pay to live. And if we take away all the extraneous BS and things that don’t really matter,  how will the “powers that be” (advertising, mega-corporations, political parties, religion, school) control us if we are free? We can be content  with just being ourselves.

You were born to be free. To paniculate and sense yourself. Somatics is just a way for you to rediscover your innate ability to self regulate, self correct, and self sooth. It helps you let go of tension that holds you back from being your true self. I believe if we have a better sense of ourselves we can better relate to the world and those around us. Less tension within means less conflict outside. And wouldn’t that be a nice thing?

Sunday, June 17, 2018

What does Pandiculate mean?

I just got my first batch of swag printed and now proudly wear and tote items saying:

As I walk down Portland streets people look and ask me, "what does pandiculate mean?"

If you Google it, pandiculation comes up and is loosely defined as stretching and yawning, usually when you wake up. But it's so much more than that.

Humans (and all other vertebrates) are genetically programed to pandiculate. By doing so, our nervous systems reset our muscle length so we can easily move after being sedentary (sleeping, sitting, etc) for a period of time. This response to the tightness from being still and inactive is called the pandicular response.

When we pandiculate, we contract and release muscles, which activates the nerve receptors in the muscles to reset to their natural resting length. I like to say pandiculations are the magic of Somatics, but there is true neuroscience to back it up, i.e. pandiculations reset the the alpha-gamma feedback loop between the nerve receptors and sensory-motor cortex of the brain. 

For whatever reason, most adults in industrialized nations fore go pandiculating, instead focusing on speed, force, and supposed productivity.  Unfortunately by doing so, we develop habitual patterns of tension in response to stress and repetitive activities. The brain is plastic, meaning it can continue to learn and stay mentally and physically pliable throughout life. The brain can also prune away the neural pathways that keep us moving well, resulting in less musclular control and sensory-motor awareness, deterring the pandicular response.

Go forth & Pandiculate.

If you want to stay active and live a sustainable life, I highly recommend you learn more about Essential Somatics and pandiculations. Humans are supposedly the smartest species on the planet, yet somehow we have come to believe we need others to "fix" us. How can it be that all other animals know how to dissipate their own muscle tension, yet human adults don't? When I present that question to people the light bulb lights up and they get it. You can too! 
Stay supple. 
Stay free. 
Enjoy life. 
Go forth and pandiculate. 

Thursday, May 31, 2018

I'd do this even if I won the lottery!

Hey there! If you're on my email list you know, that I've hooked on a new website called Joyn.co. It's a local start up here in Portland that promotes local movement teachers who provide safe, inclusive spaces for fun, not-the-typical-gym stuff.

They have connected us teachers with a PR agency to help us all spread the word about what we do and why. I just submitted some answers to a potential interviewer and thought I'd share them with you too.

 Where are you/your business located? Portland OR and online

What did you do before you became an entrepreneur? I’ve always worked for myself. 

Describe your business goals, mission and primary customer base: My mission is to help people reconnect with the natural way in which humans are meant to move and self regulate through somatic awareness and nature. My clients are self-motivated and questioners of the status quo.

     Describe one highlight of your entrepreneurial journey so far. 
    Just one?! Every day is fantastic. If I won the lottery I would continue to do what I do, and probably even more so, because I’d have the funds to travel more and reach more people. I love seeing people do things they initially say they can’t do. An 82 year old woman hula hooping, a client with two knee replacements getting get up and down off the floor with ease, or just walk without pain in a more natural contralateral motion... it all rewarding to see people find more ease in their lives...  my job is not a job. It’s a calling.

    What do you love about working in the outdoor/fitness industry?
    Humans are meant to spend plenty of time outdoors, play and move with wild abandon, just like we did as children. I never wanted to work at a desk and my job makes sure I stay true to natural living.

    What has been most surprising or challenging about starting your own business? 
    The amount of tech/social media stuff I need to do to stay in front of the public. It’s almost counterintuitive; using tech to encourage people to go outside and trust themselves. 

    What is your most effective way to get new clients/customers? 
    I’m the only combination Somatics Educator/Personal Trainer in Oregon. What I do is unlike anything most people seek when learning how to move better and get out of pain. The results people get by working with me is my most effective marketing tool. They become my walking billboards and talking brochures.

    What was your most challenging year in business and why?
    Family health and deaths are the only hurdles along the way. They are a part of life, but they can through a wrench into every aspect of one’s mental, emotional and physical life. Some people will “soldier on” but I honor the time to heal so I can be better in the long run at what I do. 

    Who or what keeps you going on a tough day? 
    Honestly, I don’t feel I have particularly tough days. If I find myself anxious, stressed or hyped up too much I know that getting out for a walk with my doggie, enough sleep, and doing pandiculations (somatic awareness movements) will settle me back to a more homeostatic state.

    What do you know now that you wish you known when you were starting out in business? 
    To believe more in myself and not be afraid to tout what I do as freaking awesome!

    What do you find particularly satisfying about running your own business? 
    I love collaborating with my industry colleagues around the world, but ultimately, if I set my mind to do something, it gets done. I’ve always been that way; Imagine it. Make it happen.

    What shifts or changes are you noticing in the outdoor/fitness industry?
    Its getting more and more tech oriented with gadgets telling us how, what and who to be. Which makes me concerned for those who are surrounded by tech all day and need a break, need to get more centered and grounded. “Stuff” is on the outside. Internal awareness makes us more attune to our natural surroundings, and healthier.

    Tell us one more thing we haven’t yet asked about! 
    I started a Youtube channel to share what I do, and it’s connected me with people around the world. Through that channel, people can "attend" online classes with me. I had a group from 4 different countries, one as far away as South Africa! I guess tech has it’s place after all! :-)

    Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    NEW Time and Day for Somatics class

    Since I've joined the Joyn website, my somatics classes been selling out and booking 2 months out. Very exciting!

    To accommodate all you 9-5ers out there, I'm adding an evening Somatics classes.

    NEW Somatics Class Time/Day 

     Please visit my website for more info (pricing, weekly class focus, registration) or on Joyn. I'm looking forward to helping everyone have more freedom in their bodies and lives. See you soon!

    Can't make a class? Live out of town? Schedule a private session, either in the studio, or online.

    Sunday, April 29, 2018

    May 2018 Somatics classes with Kristin Jackson

    Hi everyone! Here is what we are focusing on this month in Somatics classes.

    Somatics for Face and Skull
    Tue • May 1   | 830am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
    Wed • May 2  |  1:00pm  |  studio | Save Your Spot!
    Fri • May 4  | 8:30am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
    There are 43 muscles in your face alone. From there, there are muscles that run over and and around the skull which work in tandem with muscles of the neck, shoulders and back. So what does that mean? Our posture affects our faces and vice versa! This class will be a subtle exploration of what we feel in our faces when we move our bodies, as well as what we feel in our bodies as we contract and release facial muscles. So long botox, I can relax my facial muscles with my brain!
    Seated Somatics

    Tue • May 8   | 830am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
    Wed • May 9  |  1:00pm  |  studio | Save Your Spot!
    Fri • May 11  | 8:30am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
    We are born to pandiculate! We pandiculated as babies and young children. Animals do it 30-40 times a day. Pandiculations are gentle contractions and gentle releases, that leaves muscles relaxed to their natural resting length.  Join me in class where I'll share simple, seated ways to pandiculate all day, at work, in traffic and while stuck on the phone with your stoopid internet provider. Bye bye stress, hello freedom!
    Somatics for Sticky SI Joints
    Tue • May 15   | 830am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
    Wed • May 16  |  1:00pm  |  studio | Save Your Spot!
    Fri • May 18  | 8:30am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
    Some people have SI joint pain, but don't know why or even where the SI joint is. We each have two sacroiliac (SI) joints. The SI joint is where the sacrum (bottom section of the spine) meet the right and left iliac bones of the pelvis. This joint is not super mobile, but it does/should have some give and play so you can walk, live and move with ease. Sometimes from a fall, hiking a baby on a hip or sitting wonky for long periods of time will twist one side of the pelvis so the SI joint is "stuck" and that equals yuck! This class will help your brain sense what is stuck and let it move more freely. Join me!
    Somatics for Stress, Anxiety and Fatigue
    Tue • May 22   | 830am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
    Wed • May 23  |  1:00pm  |  studio | Save Your Spot!
    Fri • May 25  | 8:30am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
    There is good stress (you're wedding day) and there is bad stress (your day in divorce court) and all the other things of life that are great and not so great. Stress triggers reactions and contractions in your body. And if you perpetually feel stressed out it can result in anxiety, pain and fatigue. You have an innate super power to dissipate your stress levels. In this class you'll learn simple safe ways to tap into that power and let go of tension so you can relax, see things in a new light and let your body rest and digest.
    Somatics Surprise
    Tue • May 29   | 830am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
    Wed • May 30  |  1:00pm  |  studio | Save Your Spot!
    Fri • June 1  | 8:30am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
    What will the focus be this week? Hmmm.... no matter what the focus, you will learn more about yourself and leave with a sense of calm, grounded-ness and freedom.

    It's one thing to wiggle and roll around on the floor in Somatics classes. You also need to integrate that freedom of movement "up in gravity" (standing and moving) as we call it. My Take It Outside Fitness classes are a great way to incorporate your somatic awareness into real life activities. Super fun and everyone can get a workout at their own pace.

    Take It Outside Fitness
    Mondays  | 830am  |  Mt Tabor  | Save Your Spot!
    These classes are super fun and invigorating. We blend recess games, play, agility, balance and somatic awareness to stimulate your whole body AND brain. Think you're too old to join? Ha! Ages run from 40s all the way up to 80+!  And yes, we meet for class, come rain or shine. Students say they love earning the bragging rights to say they Take It Outside no matter what! Keeping it real since childhood. :-) 

    Take It Outside Fitness + Hand Weights
    Wednesdays |  830am  |  Mt Tabor | Save Your Spot!
    Grab a pair of hand weights and let's take it outside. People around the world move their bodies while they carry, lift and move weighted objects as part of their every day lives. If you sit more than move, this class will thrill your body and brain. Join us as we move around the park, play and get fit. 

    Saturday, April 28, 2018

    Dystonia is just another type of Sensory Motor Amnesia

    A recent client came to me with a condition the medical community says is "incurable". She has dystonia. Her neck and shoulder muscles are constantly contracted so her head turns to the left. She had been dealing with this condition for 16+ years. She did physical therapy, botox injections, massage, "everything under the sun" to get it to go away. And nothing worked.

    From the perspective of a Somatics Educator, she has SMA-- sensory motor amnesia. Her brain has forgotten how to let go of the tension in those contracted muscles.

    Here are pix of her before and after her first hands-on session. As part of her session I taught her self-care moves to enhance and re-enforce her learning experience--learning how to sense what is tight and how to let it go.

    We didn't force the change with stretching, strengthening or pressing and prodding the muscles. We worked directly with her brain's sensory motor cortex, so she had a better awareness of what she was doing, and how to do it differently. "It" being her movement patterns.

    Here's what she emailed me after her session, which just made me so happy for her!

    I am SO happy that our paths crossed!  After my first session with you, my body felt "normal" again - light and free to move naturally.  For the first time, in a long time, I was able to enjoy a 1 mile walk.  Not having constant pain in my neck and shoulders allowed my mind to pay attention to the sounds of the world around me and to actually feel the bottom of my feet making contact with the ground.  How exciting!!

     So if you or someone you know has been diagnosed with a condition their doctor, PT, chiropractor, etc. only treats but doesn't address the root cause--the brain-- contact me to learn more about Somatics

    Sunday, March 25, 2018

    I love this poem!

    Autobiography in Five Short Chapters by Portia Nelson 
    “There’s a Hole in My Sidewalk” 

    Chapter One  
    I walk down the street. 
    There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. 
    I fall in. 
    I am lost . . . I am helpless.
     It isn’t my fault . . . 
    It takes forever to find a way out. 

    Chapter Two  
    I walk down the same street. 
    There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. 
    I pretend I don’t see it. 
    I fall in again. 
    I can’t believe I am in this same place. 
    But it isn’t my fault. 
    It still takes a long time to get out. 

    Chapter Three  
    I walk down the same street. 
    There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. 
    I see it there. 
    I still fall . . . it’s a habit . . . but, My eyes are open. 
    I know where I am. 
    It is my fault. 
    I get out immediately. 

    Chapter Four 
    I walk down the same street. 
    There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. 
    I walk around it. 

    Chapter Five 
    I walk down another street.

    The End

    If you have tried the same thing over and over again to change your pain, please take a walk with me and learn about Somatics

    April 2018 Think Somatics + Take It Outside Fitness Classes

    Greetings everyone! 
    Some fun stuff is happening in April. First, I'm adding a new class to the schedule: Wednesdays at 1:00pm you can join me for Somatics in my private SE Portland studio.

    I'm running my Free Your Whole Body 4-week online series on Mondays April 9-30 at 4:30pm.  You can see all the offerings below or over on my Think Somatics website.

    Somatics for Stress Relief
    Tue • April 3   | 830am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
    Wed • April 4  |  1:00pm  |  studio | Save Your Spot!
    Fri • April 6  | 8:30am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
    We can not get away from stress. It's everywhere, from work to traffic, from news to the dinging of our social media apps. Every stressor that enters our day, enters our bodies as well, with reflexes that make us cringe inward or rev up to fight or flee. Our typical daily stressors aren't actual emergencies, but the way the nervous system interprets them trigger muscular responses in our bodies. And if we habituate those responses every day, without releasing the tightened muscles we are physically and mentally holding stress in our bodies. Come learn simple ways to notice, and release the stress that's limiting your true freedom of self.

    Free Your Feet with Somatics 
    Tue April 10 | 830am  | Studio | Save Your Spot!
    Wed April 11  |  1:00pm  | Studio  | Save Your Spot!
    Fri April 13  |  830am  |  Studio  |  Save Your Spot!
    Since I started doing Somatics I no longer where orthotics, inserts or squishy tennies with more bells and whistles than an first addition iphone. The soles of my feet actually have more tissue too. Come learn how freeing your torso to rotate and move with ease trickles all the way to how you feet interact and roll across the with the ground!

    Rolling Over with Ease ...AKA Free Your Core!
    Tue April 17  | 830am | Studio | Save Your Spot!
    Wed April 18  | 1:00pm | Studio | Save Your Spot!
    Fri April 20  | 830am | Studio | Save Your Spot!
    The day you rolled over as a baby was a big day for you, and your parents! You learned how to twist and rotate your center so you could flop around like the squirmy baby you were. Fast forward to now. Has rolling over become an effort for you? Well, join me for a fun, freeing class to learn why rigidity is your enemy!  Attaining tight abs will not serve you as well as you've been told. Sensing is believing. 

    Somatics for Better Sleep + Retraining Your Bladder
    Tue April 24  | 830am  |  Studio  | Save Your Spot!
    Wed April 25   |  1:00pm  |  Studio  |  Save Your Spot!
    Fri April 27  |  830am  |  Studio  | Save Your Spot!
    If you have a hard time falling asleep, staying asleep or are woken up during the night to go to the bathroom, you will learn a lot about how stress influences sleep patterns and bladder control. These two things don't necessarily happen together, but the way you deal with stress affects them both. 

    Free Your Whole Body with Somatics  |  4-week online series
    Mondays April 9-30  | 4:30pm pacific time  
    Visit Think Somatics Workshops + Series page for all the details!

    Take It Outside Fitness
    Mondays  | 830am  |  Mt Tabor  | Save Your Spot!
    These classes are super fun and invigorating. We blend recess games, play, agility, balance and somatic awareness to stimulate your whole body AND brain. Think you're too old to join? Ha! Ages run from 40s all the way up to 80+!  And yes, we meet for class, come rain or shine. Students say they love earning the bragging rights to say they Take It Outside no matter what! Keeping it real since childhood. :-) 

    Take It Outside Fitness + Hand Weights
    Wednesdays |  830am  |  Mt Tabor | Save Your Spot!

    Grab a pair of hand weights and let's take it outside. People around the world move their bodies while they carry, lift and move weighted objects as part of their every day lives. If you sit more than move, this class will thrill your body and brain. Join us as we move around the park, play and get fit. 

    Sunday, March 18, 2018

    Fundamentals of Somatics in Seattle!

    Guess what? I'll be assisting at this Fundamentals of Somatics worksop in Seattle, May 5 & 6 2018. 

    Yep, this workshop is a perfect way to learn all about Somatics for newbies, or take your knowledge deeper with a weekend immersed in the wonders of Somatics, neuroplasticity and the ultimate DIY way to free your body of tension and stress.

    Please visit the Essential Somatics website for all the details and to register.

    See you there!


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