Friday, September 16, 2016

How'd you like a Somatics class in your living room?

Beta Testers Needed for my first

Somatics Intro Class ONLINE!

Saturday September 24 
9:00-11:00am Pacific time

Discover Somatics and learn

▪ how to ease tension in your body
▪ why stretching doesn't work
▪ how your brain can involuntary get stuck in faulty patterns, and how to get out of them
▪ how your whole self and whole life make up who you are

If you're life is pulling you in all directions, then you're the perfect candidate for my new ONLINE Somatics classes. Just rest easy on your floor... discover safe, simple super-enjoyable movements that will ease all that tension away.
I've been working with folks around the country online via Zoom (like Skype, but better). I recently taught a Somatics class online to a group at the Eliot Institute. So it's time to share the wonders of Somatics with you too!
And since these classes are online you can invite your friends anywhere in the world to join us. How cool is that?!

To "attend" this class will need

▪ a wifi connection
▪ a laptop computer, tablet, ipad, smart phone, etc (desktop computers don't work well because they are on a desk and you are on the floor :-)
▪ open space to lie down on the floor, yoga mat or rug is nice too
▪ space to walk around a bit as well

This beta class will be 2 hours long and is only $15!
The price will go up for future classes so be sure to sign up soon!
You will receive an email prior to the class with details about how to attend the class online.


Questions? Just let me know.
thanks for caring and sharing!


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fix Your Neck, Shoulders and Back with Somatics series starts July 18

Are you or someone you know dealing with shoulder, neck and back pain and not getting long term relief from traditional approaches?  The common notion is to zero in on the area of pain, but you aren't a bunch of parts. That's why people get results with Clinical/Hanna Somatics! It addresses your whole-body patterns. 

When I assess clients in my studio, I often see things like rounded shoulders, overly arched low backs, protruding bellies and tucked bums, heads that jut forward, even one shoulder higher than the other, (and often a hiked hip as well). These distortions can cause any of the following:
  • tight low backs
  • jaw pain
  • tension headaches
  • stiff, tight necks
  • challenges swallowing and breathing deeply
  • shoulder pain
  • frozen shoulder

Fix Your Neck, Shoulders, and Back with Somatics

Mondays, July 18, 25, August 1, 8
Think Somatics Studio* 

You will learn:
  • how tension due to stress and lifestyle can cause tightness, in the middle of your body and effect how your neck, shoudlers and back function
  • how to neurologically reset your muscle resting length with gentle somatic exercises so you can move more easily
  • why stretching and strengthening are different from pandiculations
  • receive notes and videos for home practice
  • information on how your workspace, sitting, standing and even how you carry a child or bag impacts your body
Fee: $72 for all 4 Fix Your Neck, Shoulders and Back classes.

Questions? Email me!

My previous Fix It Series fill up quickly so be sure to register ASAP. Here's some feedback a satisified student in the Fix Your Feet with Somatics series.

Many thanks for the new releases.
So appreciated and I must say Somatics has changed my life.
To not be in constant pain is such a relief and I just can't believe how simple this is. I do [my self care moves] everyday with the knowledge that it is so beneficial to and for me. 
Many thanks, SM

*My studio is a private residence in South Tabor. Exact location emailed to you with your receipt.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Bust the Myth of Aging with Somatics 8-week series

Mondays July 11- August 29, 5:45-6:45pm 
​Tuesdays July 12-August 30 8:30--9:30am

Yes, we all age. But we don't develop pain and dysfunction just because we've been around the sun more than 45 times. We age because we stop moving with freedom and ease.

Aging is NOT the cause of your pain.
More likely you have Sensory Motor Amnesia.

What most people believe to be the inevitable part of aging--losing our natural mobility and becoming disabled--Thomas Hanna, called the Myth of Aging. Since our brains control all movement, when the brain becomes habitually stuck in particular patterns of stress you can develop Sensory Motor Amnesia. Your brain no longer knows how to contract muscles when they need to, and relax when they don't.

Think about it. Around the world there are cultures of people who continue to move well throughout their lives. Meanwhile many of us in the first-world are being beaten down by stress--anxiety, accidents, repetitive actions, surgeries, etc --that takes a toll on our bodies and plays a role in whether we age well and can continue to enjoy a good quality of life, or not. Our bodies respond to stress with natural reflex patterns, but if we get stuck in these patterns our bodies can develop pain and dysfunction.

So what can you do to age well and feel better in your body?
Discover Clinical Somatics!
With Somatics you use your brain regain better sensation and control of your muscles, so the contract when you need them and relax them when you don't. Your brain learns to with more ease and grace, and ultimately no pain! Somatics is amazing stuff! Everyday I work with people who are rediscovering their bodies, their muscles, how they react to voluntary movements. **They realize that no matter how much treatment they get or medications they take, that they truly do hold the key to lasting change**. By using their brains and sensing what's happening with their muscles they can reprogram their nervous system to reset the length of their muscles. It's just that simple!

Join me for The Myth of Aging series In this 8-week series of classes you'll learn:

  • what the natural reflexes to stress are, which ones you may be stuck in, and how it can result in back, shoulder, hip, plus other muscle and joint pain
  • what Sensory Motor Amnesia is, why it's the most common cause of chronic muscle pain, and how to undo it
  • why stretching (or massage or adjustments, etc) doesn't work long term and what does. Hint, it's called pandiculation...
  • easy somatic exercise routines you can do to rid your body of muscle pain, stay active and maintain your quality of life

Here's what we'd be focusing on each week.
week 1: release the muscles of the back of your body
week 2: release the muscles of the front of your body
week 3: learn how to release and lengthen your waist muscles
week 4: learn how to increase the mobility involved rotating your torso
week 5: learn how to increase the mobility of your hip muscles
week 6: rid yourself of neck and shoulder muscle tension
week 7: expand your breathing
week 8: put it all together for effortless walking
Give your body and brain 8 weeks to sense and make changes, and be amazed at how much younger you feel!
This course runs for 8 amazing weeks and is $99.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fix Your Hips with Somatics classes coming in June

Are you or someone you know dealing with hip pain and not getting long term relief from traditional approaches?  The common notion is to address the hips... Clinical/Hanna Somatics addresses your whole body patterns. When I assess clients I often see hips that hike and torque, and uneven gaits (walking patterns). I also frequently see a shoulder dropped to one side or twisted too, just like the pelvis or in opposition to the pelvis. These distortions can cause any of the following:
  • tight, painful hips
  • piriformis syndrome
  • sciatica
  • "leg length discrepancy"
  • SI (sacroiliac joint) pain

Fix Your Hips with Somatics

Tuesdays June 7, 14, 21, 28 8:30-9:30am
This Somatics Studio* 

You will learn:
  • how tension due to stress and lifestyle can cause dysfunction in your body and effect how you walk, which in turn, effects your feet
  • how to neurologically reset your muscle resting length with gentle somatic exercises so you can move more easily
  • why stretching and strengthening are different from pandiculations
  • receive notes and videos for home practice
  • information about how today's shoes and orthotics don't fix the problems, but encourage adaptions to pain
Fee: $72 for all 4 Fix Your Hip classes.

Questions? Email me!

Our previous series was all about the fixing our feet. Folks loved it. Here's some feedback.

Many thanks for the new releases.
So appreciated and I must say Somatics has changed my life.
To not be in constant pain is such a relief and I just can't believe how simple this is. I do [my self care moves] everyday with the knowledge that it is so beneficial to and for me. 
Many thanks, SM

*My studio is a private residence in South Tabor. Exact location emailed to you with your receipt.

Somatics for Urinary Stress incontinence

Here's a quick testimonial from one of my clients who has been dealing with urinary stress incontinence for years. She really wanted to share it with you because she knows there are so many women (and men too) who suffer with this condition. So, let's hear from her...

"Okay - so I know we’re all unique but I have been dealing with my own form of persistent stress urinary incontinence for many years. I’m not particularly over weight, I’ve not given birth, but I have had abdominal surgery and I’m in my early 60’s. Over the years I’ve tried many things to make it stop, like acupuncture, physical therapy and I’ve even taken classes on the subject. But nothing has worked UNTIL I discovered Hanna Somatics with Kristin Jackson. We did one session of the Red Light (startle reflex) protocol, and I noticed an immediate improvement. Two weeks passed and it held nicely. I decided to come back for one more lesson of the same, to keep my brain working in the same way. Now almost 4 weeks after my first session, I’m still feeling confident and I stay dry all day. My problem was an almost imperceptible tiny drip. It could get worse with exertion, but I could never tell exactly when it would happen or why. Now I walk around and do all my normal activities without that anxiety. So, if you think your pelvis could use a tune up - give Kristin’s Think Somatics a try. If it works for you like it has for me you won’t regret one minute of your time and effort!"

Take care, A Native Portlander 

Now you may be wondering, what exactly is a Somatic Hands-on Lesson?!

During hands-on sessions you are fully clothed and on a table wider and firmer than a massage table. By placing my hands on particular areas of your body while you do certain movements your sensory-motor cortex (the part of your brain involved in movement) sense your muscles with more awareness. Hands-on sessions generally provide quick results within just a few sessions. The client is also taught self-care moves they can do at home to maintain the results from their hands-on sessions.  (Check out my YouTube channel with self-care moves.) 

The hands-on sessions are not therapy, treatments or adjustments. It's an educational session in you. You are learning about your brain, nervous system and how to control your muscles. Humans learn while moving. So to get muscles to relax we have to move them, sense them and finesse our awareness to release them. Things like chiropractic adjustments, reiki, massage, etc. are passive. Those types of treatments might be enjoyable (or not), but because your brain is not learning anything there is usually no lasting change. With Somatics you learn to move without restriction or pain. It sounds simple because it is simple!

It also should be known that Native Portlander had been practicing her Somatic self-care routine at home for a couple of months prior to her to the hands-on sessions. She had had a lot of stiffness and pain in areas of her body that she got relief with her self-care practice. She had explored many other methods to get rid of her pains, but this is what really worked for her.

Contact me to learn more or visit my website. I work with folks in person at my studio in Portland Oregon, and online via video lessons.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

"Muscle Memory" is a Misnomer

 Most folks have heard the term Muscle Memory. But really, that is a bit of a misnomer...Let me explain.

OK, first, where are our memories stored, whether they're of our first kiss or how to dance the tango? In our brains! That gray matter between our ears that controls everything we do, voluntarily and involuntarily.

Muscles on the other hand, don't have brains. Muscles don't do anything without the brain telling them what to do. Muscles are connected to the brain via your nervous system and neurons.

So, when you are learning a new task, like writing your name as a child, doing a well-executed squat, or crocheting a granny square, the part of the brain involved is the sensory motor cortex. Everything we learn has the sensory motor cortex to thank for soaking up and helping us master ourselves and our skills. The loop from the brain to signal a movement is controlled by the motor neurons, the sensations back to the brain are traveling along the sensory neurons back to the sensory cortex. This plays into our internal proprioception; our internal awareness of how we move and sense ourselves.

But once you've mastered a skill, your brain shifts that pattern down to your subcortex, the part of the brain that controls stuff you really don't have to devote time to consciously thinking about every freaking time you do it. It's like driving a stick shift. When you first learned how, your sensory-motor cortex was in over drive (pun intended) to learn how to drive without stalling. Now you can drive home from work and devote your time to other thoughts, like what's for dinner... yum, dinner...

So your subcortex is the part of the brain that actually holds all the memories for your muscles.

What does this have to do with Somatics? Well, let me tell ya! Occasionally we develop patterns that are detrimental to our bodies. We habitually slouch, or tirelessly arch our backs, ready for action, or twist our bodies in response to injury and trauma. By repeatedly do them, and not releasing out of them, these patterns get stored in the subcortex, And by being stuck in these patterns we develop all sorts of health issues; muscle fatigue and pain, aching joints, poor breathing and digestion, depression, hammer toes, TMJD, the list goes on.

That's where Somatics comes in handy. You consciously move ways that your brain hasn't done in a while and you relearn how to sense what's tight and sense how to release and relax the muscles. You un-learn your current habits and develop new ways to move with ease and freedom. It sounds simple and it is! That's why Somatics is so awesome!

So, that's why Muscle Memory is a myth. Your muscles are doing or remembering how to do particular actions that it learned a long time ago and stored in the brain. So when you think "it's like riding a bike" that action is something your brain learned how to do and if you haven't been on a bike in years, it will remember how once you're back in the saddle. Unless you get on the bike in this video.

So, I hope that helps your better understand how your brain is command central for all your movement patterns. If you feel like you are losing your edge, or just want to move with ease and grace, tap back into your brain and nervous system to really get to know your self and relearn with your sensory motor cortex.

Speaking of videos, bop on over to my YouTubeChannel to learn more and explore simple self-care moves you can start doing today to get rid of all those "bad muscle memories". Then contact me to Skype, attend a class or for best results get a few hands-on Somatics Education sessions to really help your sensory-motor awareness. Heavenly!

thanks for reading and sharing,

Sunday, April 24, 2016

7 reasons to explore somatics even if your insurance won't cover it

Hi everyone! I've finally found my medium to get the thoughts and passion in my head out to the world; with videos! I've created a YouTube Channel-- there's something I never thought I would say-- and am excited to share it with you.

I'll still blog, but when I create a new video, you'll see it here too.

Here's my latest video. A local osteopath started referring his patients to me. Yay! When we talked, he told me that a lot of his patients won't explore somatics because it's not (often) covered by health insurance. But I encourage you to consider it. It can literally change your life. If you're up for change... 7 reasons why you should explore Somatics even if your insurance won't cover it.

Also...I started my channel with videos covering a series of Somatics exercises Thomas Hanna called the Cat Stretch. I like to call it the Daily Supple-ment. It's a perfect set of moves to release tension in the front, back and sides of the body plus luxurious moves to improve the rotational spirals of your body so you can walk, move and live with ease. Here it is! My Daily Supple-ment playlist, just waiting to be shared with the world.

Enjoy!... feedback, comments, questions and of course sharing it with others are all welcome!

joy and freedom for all,

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fix Your Feet Classes coming in March

Hi all! Just a short message to let you know the specifics of the upcoming

Fix Your Foot Pain classes

Mondays March 7, 14, 21 and 28th
This Somatics Studio* 

You will learn:
  • how tension due to stress and lifestyle can cause dysfunction in your body and effect how you walk, which in turn, effects your feet
  • how to neurologically reset your muscle resting length with gentle somatic exercises so you can move more easily
  • why stretching and strengthening are different from pandiculations
  • get written direction for home practice
  • information about how today's shoes and orthotics don't fix the problems of our feet, but encourage adaptions to pain
Fees: These classes are part of my punchcard class options. You have many options to choose from. Decide which works best for you, but please note the expiration dates.
You can use any a regular punchcard and come to any of my classes, including these Foot Classes,
 or sign up for just the 4 Fix Your Feet Classes for $72.
Register and pay right here

Questions? Email me!

*My studio is a private residence in South Tabor. Exact location emailed to you with your receipt.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Somatics a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

The first toothbrush as we know it wasn't invented until 1938!
A new client came the other day and reported that when she told her chiropractor she was coming to check out Somatics, he said, "Well, you know, you have to keep doing Somatics."

Well, yes. That's true. Somatics works best when you do your self-care routine regularly... is that a problem? 

Which, of course, got me thinking...

Imagine if we went to the dentist every week or so--like many of us go for chiropractic or similar treatments-- for a teeth cleaning. Personally I couldn't stand myself, and we'd probably keep more distance between each other. But just imagine

Then one day you found out about this alternative technique; You heard that folks use brushes to clean their teeth. Whoo-hoo! An affordable way to proactively take care of your teeth! You excitedly told your dentist on your weekly visit, "I'm gonna check this out! Sounds nice. I could avoid coming in here every week for you to fix my problems, plus I'd be a lot happier and in control of my dental hygiene." (NO I'm not saying you never have to go to the dentist ever again.)

Your dentist might think, "Awesome! I'm overwhelmed trying to help all these people when they can take control of the situation themselves and I can help them with the biggie problems." Or would she feel, "Well, shoot! If my patients don't need me every week, what ever will I do!?" There is not shortage of mouths in town, I'm sure she'll get by.

On the other hand I have a client who got great relief from Somatics and stopped seeing her Osteopath religiously. He was thrilled that she had found a self-care solution! He told her. "I like you, but I don't want to see you all the time! Never again is OK with me, if you have ways to keep your body functioning well." Now that is a great doctor! :-) 

This same client does her homework and I don't even see her much either. I'm thrilled too. Great gal, a pleasure to have in the studio, but she has the tools and the somatic awareness to fix her problems. Awesome! 

Moral of the story? If you are in pain or just want to function better, save time, calm your nervous system (which has a whole list of positive side-effects) and be able to know yourself well so you can turn to "experts" if and when you need them, Somatics is the primo self-care solution!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Have you taken your Daily Somatic Supple-ment?

Thomas Hanna developed a series of somatic exercises he considered a perfect all-around routine for those who want to keep their body supple, functional and young at heart. He called it the Cat Stretch, but I've added one more move and call I call it the Daily Somatic Supple-ment. 

Do this routine every day for 3 weeks 

and see how your body and life change!

This series of movements will help you take back control of your muscles, so you can sense them contract and relax to their natural resting length. This is called pandiculations. We were born to do this! It's as natural as breathing in air, eating, and sleeping. Kind of funny if you think about it. As adults we can get so wrapped up in the external world that we literally forget how to breathe, eat and sleep naturally, so of course taking time to relax our muscles and nervous system can fall way down on the list to do list. If you are tired, want mental clarity and to move well so you can live well, do this routine every day for 3 weeks, with attention to your sensations within your body, and notice how your body and life changes.

UPDATE 4/24/2016 : I've created a YouTube Channel, and have a playlist that covers these exercises. So now you have two ways to learn; in the written form below and visual/audio in videos. I have additional ways to learn about Somatics too: we can work together in my studio in Southeast Portland, or we can meet online via Skype. Contact me to learn more!

Take Your Daily Somatic Supple-ment

start by lying on your back, with your legs lengthened out and your arms on the floor at about a 45* angle away from your body. Sense what your back, legs, feet, arms and head or doing. How do they contact the floor? Are things symmetrical and evenly weighted, or is maybe a hip hiked towards your waist, or a shoulder blade pressing int the floor more. Are your feet evenly flopped out to the sides or not so much. Just sense what your body has to tell you. As you move through the following exercises, you can come back to this scan and see if things change and how. Definitely do this at the end of the whole routine. 


PREP: lie your your back, knees bent with your feet on the floor, in line with your hips. 
DO: inhale and arch back, tipping the pelvis towards your feet, 
exhale and let your back and abdomen relax as your lower back returns to neutral. 

PREP: this exercise is similar to arch and flatten, but now you'll have your hands interlaced behind your head.
DO: inhale and tip your pelvis towards your feet so you gently arch the back
exhale and let the back melt towards the floor
continue to let the back come to the floor as you flex the upper body up into what looks like a "crunch", bringing your elbows towards your knees, feet gently pressing into the floor a bit, and the lower back pressing into the floor, inhale as you unfurl your upper body back to the floor, exhale and melt, relax and let your elbows meet the floor out to the sides of your head.

PREP: Lying on your front, turn your head to the right and rest your left cheek on the back of your right hand. If this is uncomfortable, move your hand out from under your cheek and have your finger tips touch the side of your face instead. Rest your left arm on the floor, legs comfortably lengthened out
DO: inhale into your belly as you slowly lift your head, arm, elbow and hand off the floor looking over your right shoulder...simultaneously lifting your straight left leg
exhale to lower back to the floor
inhale and exhale to relax at the bottom and sense the length and relaxing of your back muscles
repeat 2 more times then do the same on the other side

PREPlie on your your back, knees bent with right knee in the air with right hand on knee, left hand behind head
DO: inhale and arch the back letting the right knee drift forward a bit, you may lose touch with your finger tips as the thigh bone tilts away from the torso, then exhale as you draw the elbow and knee closer together and curl up on a diagonal as you draw your right knee inward.

PREP: position yourself on your LEFT side, making your body and lower arm into a “chair”. Head resting on your left arm, knees bent at a right angle to your hips, and shins a right angle to your knees. Place your right hand over your head and placing your finger tips on your left temple.
DO: inhale and lengthen the waist line between the right hips and rib cage, breathing into your ribs and waist.
Exhale and keeping your knees together, lift your right foot/shin up towards the ceiling.
Inhale and lower the foot, and relax your body.
Exhale to relax 
Add moving of the arm and head,.
Inhale to prepare, lengthening right side of body
Exhale and lift foot, head and elbow, shortening the right waist
inhale to lower down and relax and lengthen right side of body
Repeat this 4-5 times each side

PREP: lie in your back, knees bent and feet on the floor about hip width apart, arms almost to a T out to your sides. 
DO: Imagine your arms are rolling pins, and roll one arm up the mat other down the mat... roll your head towards the up turned hand...and let both of your knees gently rotate away from the up turned hand and head. Slowly alternate.

PREP: Lying on your back, knees straight, legs on floor 
a) draw the right foot up towards your groin, turning your right knee out to the side, letting the outside edge of the right foot slide on the floor. Relax then slowly slide the foot back to the starting position straightening the leg. Let your head tilt on the floor to the left as if you wanted to see the sole of your right foot (This is inverting the foot) Repeat 3-5 times
b) next, sliding the inside edge of the right foot up and turning your knee inward. Your right hip will want to come up off the floor for this and that's ok. Let your head tilt on the floor to the right as if you wanted to see the sole of your right foot Return leg to the floor. (This is everting the foot) Repeat 3-5 times. 
c) do the above with the other foot and leg
d) let both feet slide up on the outside edges so both feet invert, then return legs to straightened. Repeat 3-5 times.
e) now try everting both feet so the knees are "knocked", repeat 3-5 times
f) lastly, keeping feet and knees together slide both feet up to the right, then extend to straightened, then to the left, alternate sides, like you were "skiing" letting the hips roll side to side with the slides

PREP: sit up and try the skiing motion while seated, then drop the knees to the right, place your right hand on the floor at your side/hip, and let the left leg shift so you bring your left knee to the sole of your right foot. Your legs are now in a zig-zag. Place your left hand on your right shoulder.
DOthere are many variations to this exercise that I share in class, but here a few standards
a) Slowly rotate your torso to the right 3 times.
b) hold the torso rotation to the right, rotate your head back to the left, then right 3 times, then relax back to the front
c) rotate the torso to the right as you turn the head to the left 3 times, then relax.
d) rotate back again to the right, hold the rotation, lift your face to the ceiling as your eyes scan the view as you drop them downward, then vice versa 3 times, then rest.
e) repeat to the other side

Clinical Somatics (also called Hanna Somatics) is a method of gentle movements that help your brain "reboot" it's connection with your muscles. Thomas Hanna called this disconnect, Sensory Motor Amnesia. Your brain is no longer aware that you have chronic muscle tension, which can pull your bones out alignment, create poor posture, resulting in a host of ailments--arthritis, frozen shoulder, back pain, even endocrine imbalances, and more. So, see, you really should give this a shot! :-)

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