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I hope you had a nice, restorative holiday. We did. We had no set agenda, exchanged no material gifts, and just shared peace and experiences. Long walks, explored back roads and tiny towns in the mountains of Western North Carolina, cozy naps, visited friends, and just plain chilled out. In this world we all live in, we are eternally grateful to have had the time and resources to do just that.

Of course now we are all back to work, maybe setting a few goals/resolutions. Personally I'm raising my awareness of just how I use my time.

Time is free, and priceless.

With that focus, I'm taking classes back through the basics of Somatics. We are reviewing the routine Thomas Hanna, the father of Somatics, called the Cat Stretch. I call it the Daily Supple-ment.

It's a simple routine of Somatic exercises that release tension from the front, back and sides of your body, and then reintroduces yummy, luxurious rotational movements to keep you supple and abled-body for life.

If you want to feel great, sleep better and get rid of emotional and physical tension that holds you back from enjoying life to the fullest, check out my Daily Supple-ment Playlist on my Youtube channel.

Somatics Challenge

Let's consider how much time (and money) you'd save if you practiced Somatics every day for 30 days. You could stop waking up sore and tired, have more energy and be more productive, have more clarity, less brain fog.

You could end dependency on meds, caffeine, alcohol, time away from your life, repeatedly going to the chiropractor and bodyworkers.

Break the habits of distraction that ultimately rob you of your time.

Join my Online Community to Learn More

This month in the live Zoom classes we are doing the Daily Supple-ment in brief, concise lessons. I'm recording them too for the Level 2 & 3 members. So if you'd like to explore the Daily Supple-ment and tons of other lessons, please check out the membership plans and join me today online!

Join me at Waynesville Rec Center

If you are in town, please join me for class in person. I offer Somatics on Mondays and Wednesdays 8:00-9:00am at the Waynesville Rec Center, 550 Vance Street, just off Howell Mill Road. Monday we are on the floor/mat, Wednesdays we do seated and standing movements. You can contact the rec center for pricing. (828) 456-2030

Daily Supple-ment Playlist 

  • Soma scan
  • arch and flatten
  • arch and curl
  • back lift
  • diagonal arch and curl
  • side bend
  • wash rag
  • invert and evert the feet
  • seated twist

If you'd like to work with me to learn more about the movements, modifications, variations, please schedule a private session or 30-minute consultation or join the Level 3 group for live interaction.

Happy 2024 to you and yours!



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