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Be aware, save lives. The pandemic from a somatic perspective.

The other day I was stopped at a red light. There were two cars were in front of me. The first car turned right on red. Totally legal, no big deal. The second car continued into the intersection, turning left, while the light was still red. Luckily for her, traffic on that typically busy state highway was light, thanks to people following the stay home/save lives message. Awareness is your safety net. I mention this because awareness is your safety net . After a month or so of staying home, many people want life to "get back to normal" whatever that is. Many think they are "smart," they're healthy, and by damn, they should be allowed do whatever they want. As a Somatic Educator, part of my training included stepping into a client's shoes, so to speak. Part empathy, part sensing what they might be feeling in their bodies. Seeing the world through another person's lens. Another part of our training is helping people identify their sensory motor amnesia