If the Army can change, so you can you!

Years ago I worked a few hours a week in the fitness room of a local rec center. I was there to help newbies learn how to use the equipment properly, tidy up a bit, and make sure meatheads shared the chest press benches.

I was also on the lookout for anyone at risk of injuring themselves. One day there's a guy loading up the preacher curl machine—a completely ridiculous machine IMO, that mimics nothing in real life—with waaayyyy too much weight, rounding his back and grunting away. Now here's a guy definitely at risk of injuring his back, i.e. a bulging or herniated disk in his lumbar spine. I gently offered up something like, "Hey, how's it going? Be careful there. You're putting your low back at risk by. . .." I got about that far and he barked at me, "I've broken my back three times! I know exactly what I'm doing!"

Whoa. Ok then. You are correct sir, you DO know exactly how to break your back. Well done. I said this in my head, of course. :-) 

There was no opportunity of educating him. He had his routine, and by damn he wasn't interested in taking in new information or changing his routine for better and safer results. Sigh.

That mentality is ubiquitous in and outside the gym. We can all become comfortable with our habits, beliefs, and routines, even if they don't really feel all that good or help us achieve great things. Side note: the latest Hidden Brain Podcast about how our decisions are influenced by others and why it can be hard to change our minds is a good one. It's like folks have reached to top of a pint glass of information and there is no room for another drop of knowledge or a new experience. Changes can be as slow and cumbersome as turning around an aircraft carrier.

That's why I was happy to read recently that the Army, of all institutions, is changing their ways of producing healthy soldiers. To be honest, I'd rather see less spending on wars and defense. Maybe we could put our resources into a Department of Peace. Do you think that's silly? Why? Again, changing our ways and minds is hard for so many.

The Army currently is full of unhealthy personnel unfit for battle. So the Army is changing their training protocols. Yay! Gone are the days of sit ups (bad for the lumbar spine and neck), running miles in combat boots😳, and spouting "sleep is for the weak!" The Army is now flipping all that brouhaha on its head with The Army's Holistic Health and Fitness Programming.

I mention this to you, because it's a new year, and maybe you'd like to revamp your routines a bit too? In addition to being a Somatic Educator, I am also an ACE-certified personal trainer specializing on holistic fitness and behavioral change coaching.

Are you dealing with health and fitness challenges that no matter how hard you push and try, you aren't getting the results you seek? I'd be happy to help. Working with a Somatic Educator + Personal Trainer can shed light on what is currently outside of your awareness. With greater awareness you become even smarter. 👍
  • Are you aware of your tension patterns that skew your posture?
  • Can you sense how your workout is likely strengthening your faulty posture when you exercise? 
  • Do you move your body through multiple planes in your workouts and daily life? 
  • Do you believe in the myth of aging
  • Which emotions do you feel each day? How do they reside in your body and how do they affect your actions? 
I always start new clients with a Somatics practice. With a regular Somatics practice they begin to take back voluntary control of their bodies, get rid of pain, and lay down a sound foundation on which to build a more resilient body and mind. From there we can develop workouts and healthy habits that can carry you forward in a whole new way. 

You can reach out to me for more info and sign up for your online session here

thanks for reading and sharing.

Happy New Year,

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  1. It's an interesting phenomenon to me that when I started incorporating regular Somatics movements into my daily routine, my self-awareness increased. I have a better understanding of my everyday "performance" (as it pertains to HOW I move) -- Somatics has made me more aware of my overall wellness at a given time and gives me valuable information about how my body/mind "moves" and enables me to self-correct.

    As far as the "myth of aging" -- I believe the myth is that so many of us believe that certain declines are a normal part of aging, when they are not! There is no cure for aging, nor should there be! Every living thing ages. It's how we age that matters -- we can perserve a lot of mobility and over-all health by adopting wise lifestyle choices



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