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Pistachio Coffee Dark Chocolate Bark Recipe. You're Welcome! :-)

It's 3 days to Valentine's Day and mere hours 'til, what we in Portland call Snowmageddon, begins. Both are great reasons to enjoy some cozy, chocolatey yumminess.  I don't have a huge sweet tooth, but I do love chocolate. The darker the better. Buying fancy chocolate bars can get kind of spendy, so I figured how hard could it be to make chocolate bark/bars with my own add-ins? Well, not hard at all. After poking around at some recipes I came up with dark-chocolate-pistachio-coffee-sea-salt-bark combo as my fav. When I mention it or share it with friends they all want the recipe, so this post is long over due.  Heads up: I pretty much like to play with my food. If I get an idea for something I wanna eat, I may poke around at recipes for general guidelines. I'm not a measure-every-ingredient-exactly person either. The basic idea here is A) let's melt some chocolate and B) put stuff in it. :-) If you wanna to change ratios of dark to semi-sweet chocolate, subtrac