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How to find and select a qualified Clinical or Hanna Somatic Educator

Because Somatics is such a hot word these days, you want to be sure to do your homework when seeking a qualified practitioner. Start by searching for a Clinical , Hanna or Essential Somatic Educator.  Since I have studied at two schools that teach the work of Thomas Hanna, and consulted with graduates of other programs, I can say with confidence that graduates of Essential Somatics are well vetted and well trained in the philosophy and practice of Thomas Hanna's work. Novato Institute does a good job too. There are many other programs out there that I find lacking in the true understanding of Hanna's work. Before I went through my training I sought out a practitioner in my home town. There wasn't anyone. There were a few people who listed Hanna Somatics in their bios, but they had only taken a weekend workshop, at most. Weekend workshops are great but they are not intended to certify anyone to work with the public. The schools that host such events say so as much in their

Exploring postures, moods and emotions in response to avoidance and protection

This week we are exploring what we feel in our bodies when we are protecting ourselves from injury and discomfort. If you've ever sprained an ankle , the moment you rolled your foot, one side of your body contracted to avoid further damage. It is a reflex and thankfully your nervous system responded as such. The problem is, while your ankle is healing, you timidly hobble around, and the muscles running up the side of your body continue to contract to reduce the weight on your injured ankle. Over a few days to weeks, as your ankle heals, this wonky posture becomes your new "normal." Even though your ankle has recovered, you now subconsciously have hiked and twisted your pelvis, shortened your waist, contracted your ribs and drooped a shoulder down a bit. All setting the stage for future injuries because your whole body, from head to feet, is imbalanced. This postural pattern can result in  why you've been diagnosed with different leg lengths  hip, knee, ankle and/or fo