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It's never just one muscle that is causing your pain

So often clients come to me and "say my doc/PT/chiropractor/massage therapist says my _______ muscle is too weak, tight, etc. and that's why I'm in pain." Hate to break it to you, but that is a total myth. Repeat after me. No. Muscle. Functions. By. Itself. You are an amazing being, with your brain controlling how your muscles contract and release as needed. When we move well, we feel well. We move in well orchestrated ways. Those ways are called motor patterns, but sometimes our patterns are fouled up by accidents, surgery, repetitive actions, that kink us up and we end up not feeling like ourselves and moving less than optimally. How we move brings so much into play, from head to toe. To say that one little muscle needs to be stretched or strengthened is not looking at the whole picture. That whole picture, being you . You aren't a machine, so you don't need to fix a "part" of you, i.e. a particular muscle. Instead you need to address how