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Guest Post: Somatics has changed my life.

Judy, a true somatic fanatic :-) Even though I’d always regarded myself as a walker I could barely walk a couple of blocks without pain. I was three months away from a trip to the southwest and I was determined not to sit in our camper van while my husband hiked. I tried chiropractic, massage, physical therapy and acupuncture for my “stuck” and painful hips, but nothing helped long term. Then I came to Kristin after reading about somatics on her website for several months. I started off working with Kristin with three private lessons and attended group lessons twice a week. During each lesson I discovered something; a small refinement, a new way to sense my body, a whole new way to move.   I also started practicing somatics every day, sometimes twice a day.   In the back of my mind I heard, “My body needs somatics.”   And the practicing paid off. My body started loosening up, in ways that all the other therapies had not done for me.   It was like a miracle!   I told ever