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Posture and Emotion. Which comes first?

We convey a lot to the world around us by the way we carry ourselves. Our posture can say we are sad and shut down, ready for action, or a bit apprehensive. Our bodies also contract in to certain full-body patterns when under immediate threat. When startled the belly, chest, inner thighs contract to protect vulnerable bits on the front of the body. This is the startle reflex. We call this the red light reflex . The reflex to make us STOP! We respond to a threat/call to action with arched backs and puffed up chests, so we can either haul butt from, or attack back against a predator/threat. This is the fight-or-flee reflex. In the somatics world we call it the green light reflex . The reflex to make us GO! When we experience a physical trauma, such as a sprained ankle, the reflexive response is to bend and twist to protect from further injury. This is what we call the trauma reflex . The reflex to WATCH OUT AND PROTECT YOURSELF! These reflexes are meant to keep us alive as a species. As

Enough with the tight abs myth

Old Myths Die Hard You know and believe the earth is round. (OMG, I sure hope you do!) You know and believe smoking is bad for you and those around you. That's just two examples of how beliefs/myths can change due to science and new discoveries. But one myth that seems to never die is a "tight core" is good for you myth, particularly for those with low back pain. As a personal trainer and former pilates instructor, I use to push the tight abs agenda too. Now, with more neurophysiology and somatic knowledge under my belt I believe something different.  Plus, when you read about the original study that set off the tight core frenzy you realize what was extrapolated from the original study was off base. It wasn't that people who were pain free had tight abdominal muscles. The study showed that those pain-free peoples' abdominal muscles contracted slightly  (key word, slightly) with certain movements. It wasn't that their abdominal muscles were not chronically co

The Latest Think Somatics classes

Peace is an Inside Job If you want to create more peace in the world the best place to start is within your own body and mind. Life is going to be very different for most of us this coming holiday season of 2020. I'd like to help you be at ease as much as possible. Somatics gives you better understanding of how you respond to the world around you. And when you have a better understanding of yourself, you can better relate to those around you. Sound good? Then please join me for class. Here's what we're doing for the next 5 weeks. . .  Get Your Head on Straight  |  Week of 11/16 Here's a super fun class to help relieve you of neck, shoulder, all over tension and pain . Next time you're on a Zoom call (or pass your reflection in a mirror) check and see how your head tips to one side. I bet it does. And I also bet you aren't completely conscious of it. Nor do you even feel how that tipping influences your whole body. How your head is positioned relates to a full bo