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Best darn roasted carrots!

I've never been much for cooked carrots. Give me raw ones with peanut butter, or hummus, or bleu cheese, or just plain and I'm good to go. With the current supply chain disruptions I recently resorted to buying a 3 pound bag of whole carrots. . . which led me to resorting to cooking some of them, since there were so many! I am not a foodie blogger and I don't measure when I cook, I just wing it. But since I wanted to share this dish with you, the last time I made these, I paid more attention to ingredient quantities. Well, roughly. Use your senses to figure out what will be best for you. Ingredients 1 tablespoon unrefined coconut oil* 3-5 large carrots (I peel mine, if you don't, that's cool) 1 teaspoon turmeric powder 1/2 teaspoon Chinese five spice  ** salt to taste, or not * unrefined coconut oil tastes like coconut oil. Refined doesn't, so it's bland and works with recipes when you don't want to impart coconut flavor.) You could use any oil to your l