Somatics in Waynesville NC

 Since moving to Western North Carolina, I've connected with tons of people through my Somatics classes and private practice. A question I'm getting asked now is if my office/business is Somatic Healing Clinic, located on Miller St in Waynesville NC. 

No, neither I, nor my business, Think Somatics, are affiliated with Somatic Healing Clinic. When I first moved to town I reached out to the friendly folks at that location. I was excited to possibly connect to fellow practitioners! They informed me they do not offer Somatic Education or any somatic modalities. They actually bought the business from the previous owner (who I assume was some sort of Somatic Practitioner) and just inherited the name. 

Think Somatics with Kristin Jackson is not related or affiliated to Somatic Healing Clinic in Waynesville NC

So if you are looking for Somatic Education, a method of pain relief that gives you to tools to solve your pain problems, I'm here to help. Somatics is meant to help you re-educate your brain and nervous system to move and live with ease and enjoyment. 

Somatics is very different from typical approaches such as massage, chiropractic, surgery, drugs, physical therapy, etc. If you have tried all those things, be sure to check out my website and this blog to learn more.


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