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Tips for Resiliency During the Holidays (and all year long)

I have a friend I'll call M. A lot of people say M. "has all the luck." She was hearing that quite often when she moved into her beautiful rental home.  A cute little cottage on a spring-fed pond with ducklings, a huge deck on which to host friends with champagne, hidden away in a Portland neighborhood, yet with walking distance of hip shops and eateries. It was a secret spot that some Portlanders had heard of, but it remained elusive because it was on private property. She had recently just returned from a trip to the Caribbean too. Super lucky gal, right? But what folks weren't aware of, or paying attention to, was the fact that while she was on a trip with her extended family her husband, who had stayed home, had moved out and she found out by seeing photos on Facebook. Uh oh. Sure, she was stunned and feeling all kinds of emotions. Instead of hitting a wall of despair, she got down to business. M. really wanted to stay in the neighborhood that she so loved, so she