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Dystonia is just another type of Sensory Motor Amnesia

A recent client came to me with a condition the medical community says is "incurable". She has dystonia. Her neck and shoulder muscles are constantly contracted so her head turns to the left. She had been dealing with this condition for 16+ years. She did physical therapy, botox injections, massage, "everything under the sun" to get it to go away. And nothing worked. From the perspective of a Somatics Educator, she has SMA-- sensory motor amnesia. Her brain has forgotten how to let go of the tension in those contracted muscles. Here are pix of her before and after her first hands-on session. As part of her session I taught her self-care moves to enhance and re-enforce her learning experience--learning how to sense what is tight and how to let it go. We didn't force the change with stretching, strengthening or pressing and prodding the muscles. We worked directly with her brain's sensory motor cortex, so she had a better awareness of what she was doing,