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Somatics is not a "thing"

As part of my 3-year clinical training I had to write a philosophy paper about Somatics. Thomas Hanna was a philosopher in addition to a Hanna Somatics Educator. This is my paper. So while people ask "what is somatics?" maybe an understanding of what it is not will help people better understand what it is. ____________________________  If I can impart one key message about Essential Somatics it is this:  Somatics is not a  thing .  Things  can be gadgets, modalities or gurus.  Things  can be revered as special ways, maybe even mysterious ways to do something to achieve something. We seek these  things  for our problems, from losing weight to being better business owners to getting rid of pain. The point is these things  are outside of ourselves.  Somatics is not a  thing . Think back to when we were kids. We didn't know anything. Everything was new and exciting. We had a gazillion questions about everything. We touched things. We stuck things in ou