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Pelvic Floor from the Somatics Perspective

Whenever I mention the pelvic floor in an email blast or in a Somatics class , a ton of you request more information. I'm developing an online course, but in the mean time I thought I'd share some helpful information and tips for better pelvic floor health and function. 1. Muscles do not work in isolation First off, your body should function as a whole system, not just parts working alone. I make this point first, because your pelvic floor may be your "issue," but there is so much more than just what's "down there".  You can read more about how  muscles do not work alone . 2. Core! What is it good for? The "core." Ugh, I hate that word, but let's run with it here, since its ubiquitous in our culture. Too many people think a tight core is a good thing. It's not. No muscles should be turned on all the time. That whole theory that tight abs means no low back pain is based on faulty reading of a study years ago, and is perpetuated t