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Greetings from the road!

Many of you asked me to keep you in the loop about our trip. I can’t believe it’s only been 6 days since we hit the road! We had grand plans to visit certain sites, but once we ran the numbers on the miles vs days to get across the country, we changed course a bit. We decided we’d visit towns, talk to locals, take in walking tours, architecture and college campuses. Or course taking in the scenery along the way. We spent our first two nights in Redmond, Oregon. We stayed at the very cool SCP Hotel . We landed there because we wanted to see the Painted Hills. We also hiked around Smith Rock, which was spectacular!   Smith Rock, Oregon. Smith Rock, Oregon. Yes, the sky is that blue! Painted Hills, Oregon. Painted Hills, Oregon. From there we headed to Boise, Idaho. We may be partial, but we think Oregon offered up some of the most beautiful terrain so far. . .Didn't spend much time in Boise. We were chompin' at the bit to make tracks. Onward to Salt Lake City. SLC was very pretty