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Somatics for visual learners

Do you consider yourself a visual learner?  A lot of people do. Some even worry they won't be able to keep up or enjoy the audio recordings I share with  Think Somatics Online Community  Members.  Fear not!  Here are key reasons why I predominately offer audio recordings vs videos, and why audio lessons are actually better for your Somatic Education. We're talking Somatic Education Well, let's start right there, with Somatic Education . Somatics is about working with your somatic nervous system, the part of the brain/nervous system that moves and senses what you do and how you do it. To get rid of pain you need to really start feeling and sensing yourself from an internal perspective. Not just your achy parts. All of you.  Your re-educating your brain and body through your sensory and motor cortexes. Muddling the learning process with extraneous input As an adult you have likely been conditioned to believe that watching the teacher is how you learn to move, whether it's