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Somatics for Urinary Stress incontinence

Here's a quick testimonial from one of my clients who has been dealing with urinary stress incontinence for years. She really wanted to share it with you because she knows there are so many women (and men too) who suffer with this condition. So, let's hear from her... "Okay - so I know we’re all unique but I have been dealing with my own form of persistent stress urinary incontinence for many years. I’m not particularly over weight, I’ve not given birth, but I have had abdominal surgery and I’m in my early 60’s. Over the years I’ve tried many things to make it stop, like acupuncture, physical therapy and I’ve even taken classes on the subject. But nothing has worked UNTIL I discovered Hanna Somatics with Kristin Jackson. We did  one  session of the Red Light (startle reflex) protocol, and I noticed an immediate improvement. Two weeks passed and it held nicely. I decided to come back for one more lesson of the same, to keep my brain working in the same way. Now almost