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Why stretching doesn't work

Before I found the secret of somatics, I use to stretch religiously. I'm actually quite flexible, but no matter how much I stretched, I didn't feel my muscles relax. Now I know why! It was a paradigm shift from the beliefs I had developed from years of dancing ballet and working as a personal trainer. Stretching was what I did, because I believed it was good for me. When I got hit by a car and couldn't move my head or walk without pain in my feet, the stretching --and "core" work -- weren't doing jack for me. Actually I was getting worse.  Then one day I found a book on somatics. At first, I flipped through the book and thought--without actually reading the directions--"oh this looks like some of my pilates moves." Again, I believed what I already knew as gospel and the photos of the book were reenforcing my beliefs. Then I read the book. I did the moves with awareness and got instant relief in my left hip psoas area. Volia! I was turne