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Greetings from the road (part 2)

In our previous post from the road we were heading to Des Moines, Iowa. Again, I have no idea why I wanted to see Iowa, other than we'd heard that some of the up and coming "hot" towns were here. We crossed Nebraska, where the vibe was off for us. Can a state have a vibe? I think it can, because it's the vibe of the people that live there. No offense to Nebraska, but it's not for everyone , which is their tourism summer campaign slogan. Seriously! Anyhoo, we enjoyed exploring downtown Des Moines. Toured around the capitol, explored the East Village that some have dubbed the Brooklyn of Des Moines. Bwhahahaha! I wouldn't go that far, but it was cute. We stopped in at Raygun a great store for souvenirs worth buying, including this one that made me laugh. From Des Moines we headed to Kansas City, Missouri to see our old friend, Megan from Austin. Well, she's not old, but we've just known her since before we were married and she helped throw a kick ass pa

How many routine patterns do you have?

 Hey all! We are still on the road, in our move to Asheville from Portland, OR.  When we first started out on the trip we were bit discombobulated. . . but within a day or so we established routines; Arrive at the hotel, unload the car, drain the dog, figure out dinner, hang the dopp kit, and so on. In the morning yet another routine pattern of packing the car just so, and streamlining the morning so we can hit the road in a relaxed state, instead of franticly. My point is, it doesn't take long to form patterns in our daily lives. There are tons or little routines throughout your day, that you probably do on autopilot.  Things like: sleep position(s) brush your teeth mix your coffee prepare your meals sit at your desk stand at your desk sit in your car (do you slump towards the center console?) play your sport garden walk  facial expressions drive to and from work ride your bike fold laundry mow the lawn walk the dog pick up golf tees emotional responses to life events that reflexi