Proactive Postural Restructuring Series Starts April 11 2022

If you've been around here for a while you may remember I offered Proactive Postural Restructuring classes many moons ago. Folks really enjoyed it, but alas I put it on the back burner, got hit by a car while riding my bike, which led me to fall deeply in love with Hanna-based Somatics, and went through 4 years of training to become certified. Anyhoo....

Proactive Postural Restructuring is back!

This link will take you to all the details and how to register. 

Proactive Postural Restructuring is a somatic method of movement education. As is Hanna-based Somatics. So before I dive into some details about PPR, let's cover some key terms and principles.

Somatic Vocabulary + Key Principles

somatic nervous system - the part of your brain and nervous system in charge of controlling how you move and sensing/feeling what you are actually doing.
neuroplasticity - the brain’s ability to form neural pathways between the brain and body in response to learning or experience or following injury. Neural pathways can deteriorate too.
sensory motor amnesia (SMA)- when the feedback loop between the brain (sensory motor cortex) and muscles are out of sync, which can result in altered movement patterns.
altered movement patterns (AMP)- gradual and unconscious ways of moving due to repetitive motion, pain, injury, lifestyle, over-active muscles.
pandiculations - safe, simple and enjoyable movements to recalibrate the feedback loop between the brain and muscles. Pandiculations are not stretches or strength movements.
Somatics lessons - a series of pandiculations and constructive rest to relearn how to release your muscles to their true resting length. Somatics ideally should be foundational to any fitness routine, sport and overall quality of life.
Pro-active Postural Restructuring - a somatic learning method to address anatomical imbalances and altered movement patterns with special attention of the lower body (pelvis, hips, legs, ankles, and feet). Benefits include better posture, smoother and steadier gait, diminished back, hip and foot pain, sculpted hips, legs, ankles, and feet.

Somatics vs Proactive Postural Restructuring

~ Somatics addresses tension patterns due to stress, injury and repetitive patterns
~ PPR addresses altered movement patterns in the pelvis, legs and feet

~ Somatics works from the center (the torso) out to the periphery (limbs, neck and skull)
~ Proactive Postural Restructuring works from the feet up through the pelvis which creates changes further up the chain/whole body

~ Somatics brings a body to a state of neutrality/homeostasis in which muscles are relaxed to their natural resting length
~ Proactive Postural Restructuring applies intentional tension patterns to correct anatomical alignment and restructuring

Both Somatics and Proactive Postural Restructuring are somatic methods
  • slow, mindful process
  • not a quick fix
  • positive neuroplasticity (increases neurons in the brain)
  • requires personal accountability and an internal locus of control 

Proactive Postural Restructuring is a great complimentary somatic modality to your Somatics practice!

I work online with students in live Zoom classes. To join us, please enroll as a member of the Level 3 Think Somatics Learning Community.  You can check out the details on PPR here and Think Somatics Online Learning plans here

Members of the Level 3 Community Plan get to attend live Proactive Postural Restructuring AND Somatics Zoom classes with me each week. Recordings are included, plus hundreds of additional recordings to keep your learning fresh and expansive. Learn more about the Think Somatics Community Plans

Just FYI, a lot of folks have asked if they can explore Proactive Postural Restructuring with me during ONLINE private sessions. Absolutely! If you are brand new, we'd start you off with Somatics, then branch into Proactive Postural Restructuring. Why? Somatics creates a "blank slate" on which you can apply restructuring patterns. Learn more about private sessions with Kristin. Yes, they can be done online, and I'll send you a recording of your lesson so you can continue to practice. 

thanks for reading and I hope to see you on the innerwebs soon!



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