The secret to long lasting pain relief your bodyworker doesn't know

I'm gonna have this engraved on my tombstone: 

No part of your body works by itself.

Unfortunately we have been told where there is pain, is where the problem lies

So, to meet you where your beliefs are, I offer classes and recorded lessons to pique your interest. :-)

But as soon as students get into a lesson they quickly discover just how everything is connected.

In fact I worked with a woman once who had "been to everyone under the sun" to address the pain in her left shoulder and side of neck.

When she came to me I didn't "work on" her shoulder and neck. Instead we addressed all the tension along the right side of her body. The tension on her right side caused her right shoulder to drop down, making her left shoulder draw up. 

That drawn up left shoulder was achy and stiff. The pain was a signal from her brain that something was amiss. She could stretch, massage, inject it until the cows came home, but until she addressed the full body patterns she was habituating, she was likely just gonna get short term relief. Sound familiar?

See, the tight right side of her body was where her SMA (sensory-motor amnesia) lay. That tension was so engrained in her nervous system that her brain didn't even feel the tightness on her right. 

Fast forward to the end of her session . . . when she got up off my table she was amazed. And a bit confused.

"How did you make my shoulder better?! You didn't even touched it!"

Ironically she is a bodyworker, still perpetuating "fix the part, vs address the whole being". I'm not dissing her. I'm just trying to make a point. What am I saying again?

No part of your body works by itself.

During her session I taught her some gentle, simple, self-care moves to do at home. Yes, she would have to practice. I make no claim that Somatics will "fix" you in a session and you are done.

For whatever reason(s)--injury, stress, accidents, surgeries, repetitive patterns like hiking a baby on a hip--you have literally learned to be tight in areas of your body. We can learn faulty patterns just as easily as learning to write our names or play tennis. Learning requires repeatedly and regularly doing something--good or bad--to the point where that pattern shifts to your "autopilot," subconscious area of your brain. 

By doing special movements of Somatics called pandiculations, with awareness you will relearn to lengthen muscles to their natural resting length.

This is how you get lasting relief! 

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