How many routine patterns do you have?

 Hey all!

We are still on the road, in our move to Asheville from Portland, OR. 

When we first started out on the trip we were bit discombobulated. . . but within a day or so we established routines; Arrive at the hotel, unload the car, drain the dog, figure out dinner, hang the dopp kit, and so on. In the morning yet another routine pattern of packing the car just so, and streamlining the morning so we can hit the road in a relaxed state, instead of franticly.

My point is, it doesn't take long to form patterns in our daily lives. There are tons or little routines throughout your day, that you probably do on autopilot.  Things like:

  • sleep position(s)
  • brush your teeth
  • mix your coffee
  • prepare your meals
  • sit at your desk
  • stand at your desk
  • sit in your car (do you slump towards the center console?)
  • play your sport
  • garden
  • walk 
  • facial expressions
  • drive to and from work
  • ride your bike
  • fold laundry
  • mow the lawn
  • walk the dog
  • pick up golf tees
  • emotional responses to life events that reflexively coincide with postural patterns
  • play with your devices
  • watch TV
  • do your workouts
  • and so much more
All of those things become so engrained that we don't have to think--be conscious--of what we are doing. Which is fine, because life would be exhausting if we had to be highly aware of every thing we do all day long. Right?! :-)

BUT! If you have pain and sensory motor amnesia, now might be a good time to become more aware, pay attention of how you do what you do, so you can relearn to move with more ease.

Folks I work with continually report in about patterns that they realize are contributing to their pain patterns. Once aware, they can then learn to let them go of the poor patterns so new patterns can become the norm.

How about you? What patterns have you noticed that might be reenforcing your SMA, that you can pandiculate out of your life routines?  Take a mental, or maybe even a written note, of all the things you do on autopilot. Then can you feel the tension patterns that go along with them? Like how your muscles contract in the left side of the back of your neck as you tilt your head while looking at your device. Or how you react to stress with tension--contracting muscles-- around your heart or lower back? I could go on, but really, it's up to you to become more aware, if you so choose.

Drop a comment below and let me know what you learn about yourself.

ciao for now,


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