February is Pelvic Floor Awareness Month with Think Somatics

When I was very young I took a butt-banging fall going down the stairs. I feel smack dab on my tailbone, and holy mother did it ever hurt. It was so painful I remember backing out of a friend's upcoming roller-skating birthday party. I wanted to avoid any possibility of falling like that again. 

Within a few days I was fine. Or so I thought. 

Fast forward a few decades and I am just now becoming aware of the tension I hold around my tailbone.

Ta da! See, even us Clinical Somatic Educators can have deeply ingrained cases of sensory motor amnesia. When clients say things like, "Since you are a Clinical Somatic Educator, you must not have any issues or pains." I privately think to myself. Hilarious! I wish. 

Every day is a different lived experience, so every day I may experience my body in different ways.

Thankfully I don't have pain around my tailbone. Maybe that's why I'm just now realizing how the particular pelvic floor muscles that attach to my tailbone, have probably been in a low grade contraction for decades. Or maybe it has nothing to do with that fall. Maybe it has to do with one of multiple other bodily traumas I've had, like falling off horses or onto the bar of a too-big-for-me a ten speed bike, or being hit by a car, or when I fell learning to water ski. Blah, blah, blah.

It a way, those things don't really matter. What matters is, can I feel what my body is doing now? Sure those events may play a role in what my body does now, but getting hung up on the past can't change the future. What matters now is I know I am perfectly capable of writing new neural patterns into my being so I can feel and function in spectacular ways. 

Think back to when you were learning to ride a bike, or hop on a pogo stick or whatever got your excited. You wanted to practice, learn and do what you craved. Right?

Over the last few weeks I've been excited to learn more things about myself and notice how this greater awareness of myself--and my pelvic floor--tweaks my posture, my gait, my ankles. . . and going forward other things may appear too. That's the wonderfulness of Somatics. Possibilities are limitless. 

If the idea of learning something new about yourself excites you too, I invite you to join me for upcoming February classes. Both the Somatics classes and the Flow Motion classes will incorporate pelvic floor focused themes. Here are somethings we will explore in February.
  • Pelvic Floors: Everyone's Got One. How Well do You Know Yours? :-)
  • Connecting the Pelvic Floor to the Breath
  • Connecting the Sacrum and SI Joints to the Pelvic Floor
  • How to Improve Walking and Running With PF Attention
  • and more. . .
You can get all the details and register for classes here

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Can't make the live classes? 

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Thanks for reading.



Kristin Jackson CCSE, CPT



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