6 reasons you should develop a Somatics practice

Happy New Year!  Guess what? I've created a new Somatics 101 | Somatics Fundamentals for Beginners E-course!

What I use to cover in my once-a-month free webinars is now all encompassed in this new streaming e-course. I'll explain what Clinical Somatics is and how it can help so many things that challenge us all. You get to experience basic Somatics movements too.  

I've divided it into bite size chunks of info so you can easily digest it at your own pace. Because Somatics is so different from physical therapy, yoga, massage, etc, be sure to go through all the parts so you have a greater understanding of Somatics. 

The course is free and open to all. So if you have been trying to explain Somatics to others, be sure to share this with others. 

Being a Somatics Educator, of course, I think everyone could benefit from a Somatics practice. :-) We all know by now that being a more mindful and aware are key to not just surviving, but thriving, in our 24/7 world.

Somatics 101 | Somatics Fundamentals for Beginners E-course Here are 6 top reasons why you should develop a Somatics practice.

1. You have pain and you want to get rid of it.

This is the primary reason people come to Somatics in the first place. They've "tried everything" to no avail. Clients love what Somatics does for their aches and pains. But Somatics is so much more than just getting rid of pain. . .

2. You want to calm the #$% down.

The world is a very stimulating world. The word stress gets thrown around so much that most humans aren't even aware of how much stress they accumulate in their bodies every day. Most people try to mask the tension in their bodies with medications, vegging out, social media, binge TV, poor food choices, etc. Studies prove that a meditation practice, such as Somatics, helps to downshift from the fight/flight/freeze state to the rest and digest state of the nervous system.  Somatics goes to the root of all patterns, the brain and nervous system. Yes, you can calm down.

3. You want a sense of autonomy and empowerment.

Since the world is a crazy place we may feel like we have no control over the situations around us. To some extent, that is true. By having a Somatics practice you can self regulate and self soothe yourself. How much better would you feel if you could stay sane in challenging times? This is a really good reason to start developing your Somatic super powers ASAP.

4. You crave deeper, healthier relationships with those around you.

When you become more aware of how and what triggers you into fight/flight or freeze states, you can voluntarily remain or recover to a state of calm. From that sounder, calmer state you have a greater capacity to relate and help the world around you. This can apply how you relate to your partner, your kids, neighbors, coworkers, community and beyond. When you have a greater understanding of yourself you can better relate to those around you.

5. You want to sleep more soundly.

Again, studies show that a meditation practice is very helpful for sounder sleep. And with sounder sleep, you have more control over things that can spiral out of control when exhausted--poor eating, vegging out, brain fog, etc.

6. You want to be more aware.

Re-read all of the above. :-)


Intrigued? Ready to calm down? Feel better? Reclaim your innate ability to self regulate your nervous system? 

Enroll in the Somatics 101 E-course here.

It's free. 
You can stream it on any device. 
You can review it as often as you like. 
And of course, be sure to share this link with others. The more sane and calm we all are, the better off we all are. 


In addition to my blog, please visit thinksomatics.com for more information about Somatics.


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