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Peace is an Inside Job

If you want to create more peace in the world the best place to start is within your own body and mind.

Life is going to be very different for most of us this coming holiday season of 2020.

I'd like to help you be at ease as much as possible. Somatics gives you better understanding of how you respond to the world around you. And when you have a better understanding of yourself, you can better relate to those around you. Sound good? Then please join me for class.

Here's what we're doing for the next 5 weeks. . . 

Get Your Head on Straight  |  Week of 11/16
Here's a super fun class to help relieve you of neck, shoulder, all over tension and pain. Next time you're on a Zoom call (or pass your reflection in a mirror) check and see how your head tips to one side. I bet it does. And I also bet you aren't completely conscious of it. Nor do you even feel how that tipping influences your whole body. How your head is positioned relates to a full body pattern of tension from your skull to your feet.  

Free Your "Core" to Get Rid of Back Pain  |  Week of 11/23
Do you still believe a "tight core" is a good thing, particularly for those with low back pain? That's actually a myth. Say good-bye to grueling ab/back exercises, and hello to Somatics! Learn simple, gentle, safe ways to get rid of low back tightness and pain. 

The Posture of Sadness and Anxiety  |  Week of 11/30
Let me ask you, "Which came first, the posture or the emotion?" When you are startled you reflexively contract the front of your body. It's the "freeze" response, and there is no way to avoid it. But if you sit a lot, are stressed out and overwhelmed, the front of your body takes on the same contraction patterns, resulting in both physical and emotional tolls on your well being. A great class for everyone, especially those with tight chests, GERD, pelvic floor issues, brain fog, low energy, sadness, anxiety. Come learn how to better sense what triggers you, and how to relax out of it.

The Posture of Anger and Frustration  |  Week of 12/7
This week follows up on the previous week addressing emotions and physical responses. When you are under threat you reflexively contract the back of your body. It's the "fight or flee" response. But if you are constantly under the gun, short on compassion for yourself and empathy others, have a to-do list that rules your life, this is a great class for you. It's ok to soften and downshift. A healthy life depends on it. :-) Great for every body, especially those with back pain, foot pain, insomnia, anger issues.

The Posture of Avoidance and Protection  |  Week of 12/14
When you are injured or avoiding pain your body will contract in a bending and twisting pattern. Think sprained ankle as an example. You shorten your side to take the weight off your injury. As you heal from your injury your brain is training your muscles to stay in that shortening contraction pattern. This is also the pattern when you cringe at your racist uncle's comments at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Surround yourself with cringe-worth situations often enough you no longer stand up straight, evenly on two feet. Come learn how to feel what you are actually doing and let go of what holds you back. A great class for every body, especially those with scoliosis, sciatica, leg length differences, foot pain.

. . . and when we're doing it.
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Can't make it to class? Consider booking a private Somatics online session with me, or download a Somatics lesson from the Think Somatics Store, or enroll in the Think Somatics Online Classroom to access unlimited classes.

peaceful holidays to you,


Kristin Jackson, CCSE, CPT


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