"Breaking the Rules" with Somatics

When you first start doing Somatics, or maybe after months, or even years, of practicing, you might still be approaching your Somatics practice with thoughts like, "This is how I was told to do arch and flatten." so I must do it like I was told. 

We live in a culture that has many rules to keep order in society and organizations. Some of them are more cultural norms than true rules or laws. Think of the many authority figures that tell us how to use our bodies. Doctors, yoga teachers, social media, family, religious leaders, etc.  I think this is why when people come to Somatics they are looking for specific directions and exact rules to follow.

But Somatics is not about hard set rules, per se. Somatics is not about doing what someone tells us to do. Somatics is about being. Somatics is about sensing. It's about you being your own guide and teacher.

To make Somatics a true, self-taught learning experience, here are some questions to ponder.

Do you follow particular rules about your body? What are they? Could breaking those rules enhance your Somatics practice or life?

What inspires, or pushes, you to do your Somatics practice? 

Have you ever broken the rules of a basic somatic movement, and did that help you discover something new?

Lastly, have you played and made up your own movement(s)? 

The wonderful thing about Somatic awareness, is the more you play, "break rules" and allow creativity and curiosity into your exploration, the more you grow and learn. If no one ever challenged the status quo, nothing would ever change.


To learn more about Somatics, please visit thinksomatics.com.


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