Change is Coming, are you Somatically ready?

Last week I mentioned I wondered who'd care about Somatics classes as the world is breaking up. 

I mean, I strongly believe a personal Somatics practice can powerfully impact our collective consciousness and wellness. I'm just not always sure how what I say lands with others.

Then I got a powerful reply from a new online student. He graciously told me I could share his experience with you too.
I stumbled across clinical somatics work, and your classes, a few months ago, and I quickly could feel the powerful effect somatics has on my emotional life and my ability to free myself from old patterns of thinking and acting. Somatics has really supercharged my inner work, and because of those two things combined, I have been able to move through a lot of the anxiety and guilt (as a white male) that kept me from being able to pay attention to protests in the past. I can finally start learning from our fellow citizens who have been treated so poorly, instead of hiding from the issues, and this has made a huge impact on me, and will allow me to be an advocate and voice for equality. Without somatics, I think this crucial moment in history would have been lost on me, and I would have been one more ignorant and passive participant in a racist system. ~ A.M.

Wow, right?!

There are many modalities under the Somatics umbrella, but ultimately they all address how humans sense themselves from inside their own bodies. 

What does Somatic awareness have to do with Racial and Social Justice? 

This podcast, Resmaa Menakem on Why Healing Racism Begins With the Body, is a excellent place to start. Or check out his book, My Grandmother's Hands
“Recent studies and discoveries increasingly point out that we heal primarily in and through the body, not just through the rational brain. We can all create more room, and more opportunities for growth, in our nervous systems. But we do this primarily through what our bodies experience and do—not through what we think or realize or cognitively figure out.” ~ Resmaa Menakem
Then, please join me for my next free introduction to somatics. I'll talk about how stress, trauma, and oppression impact the body and brain, and how to free ourselves of those patterns so we can better relate to the world around us.

Free Online Introduction to Somatics 
with Kristin Jackson

Saturday June 20, 2020 at 9:00am pacific time
 (find your time zone)

peace to you all,

 If you missed the class above sign up for the next on the Think Somatics homepage (scroll to the bottom of the page).


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