Lower Your Stress, Boost Your Immunity

Unless you live under a rock and/or never look at social media, you've probably already heard, the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 a pandemic today.

We should all stay informed and follow the science experts' advice on how to limit the spread of the virus (which applies to all communicable viruses too). 

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, it's no wonder. 

Let's talk about how fear impacts our health and what we can do to counter balance our nervous systems.

Fear has helped us survive as a species. Humans are very prone to still be fearful of the unknown. But back on the savanna, fear would stimulate us to take action — fight, flee or freeze — when we perceived a threat, whether real or not. Every boulder looked like a slumbering lion, every stick on the ground might be a snake.  We wouldn't want to have those thoughts in reverse. "Oh, look at that rock, oh crap! It's a cheetah! Run!" By then, we would already be at a disadvantage.

Those events were generally short lived. You got away, or you got eaten. Either way, end of story. . . for a period of time.

Fast forward to today. The perpetual onslaught of negative news about the coronavirus, politics, the stock market, etc. triggers stress reactions in the body, impacting your mental and physical health.

When scared the central nervous system reflexively contracting the front of your body. This posture will limit breathing, affect learning, concentration and make us anxious. 

Exposing ourselves to things like, constant media, (i.e. click bait), triggers degrees of fear, resulting in chronic muscle tension, feelings of helplessness, perpetuating more stress, fear, anxiety, even inflammation.

So my first tip to survive this age of 24/7 news? Don't get suck into the infodemic vortex. 

Tip number one to boost your immunity: LOWER YOUR STRESS levels

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What are you doing to remain calm and healthy these days? Comment below and let us know!

Thank you for reading, and sharing.

freedom and ease for all,



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