What is Neuroplasticity in relation to Somatics?

Your brain is plastic. In a good way. :-) Neuroplasticity means your brain can change at any age, and with changes in the brain, you can change things in your life and body.

Here is one of my favorite videos to explain neuroplasticity. Take a look.

But just as the video says, you can create positive changes, but you can also establish patterns that aren't good for you. That's why Clinical Somatics is so effective for helping people get out of pain. With simple, safe, down right enjoyable movements, called pandiculations you can rewire your brain to move you with ease and freedom.

Humans are faced with a gazillion choices a day. How we show up in our lives and what we do with them is predominately a series of choices. If you want to learn to move well so you can live well, visit my website, thinksomatics.com to learn more. I work with clients in person in my Portland Oregon studio, on the road teaching and online. If you choose freedom, get in touch!

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  1. This is a great video! What are your thoughts on how long it takes to change your brain? I understand that it's impossible to predict how long it will take for someone to get out of pain based on the severity of their SMA, how long they've been in pain, etc. But is there any info about the longest you or other practitioners have seen for someone to relieve their chronic pain? Also, does relief occur little by little, or is it like a switch in the brain?

    There's another great video about neuroplasticity called The Backwards Brain Bicycle (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFzDaBzBlL0). With 8 months of practice, his brain just "switched" over to the new pathway. If this were applied to Clinical Somatics, does it mean it could take as long as 8 months (or more) to change your brain? I've read many reviews of Thomas Hanna's book and Martha Pedersen's book -- some reviewers gave up after three or so months without measurable changes. It sounds like it could take much longer though to feel the difference. Are there parameters for people starting out -- like, "expect to give this at least X months in order to know if it will work for you"?

    I also wonder about morning pain -- I often wake up very stiff (in addition to my chronic back pain). If you're changing your neuralpathways, does this mean that it should help for pain and tension that occurs while you're sleeping too?


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