Improve Shoulder Mobility with Somatics

In the video below I share a popular movement to help with shoulder, elbow and wrist range of motion. It's a common move to prep your shoulders for a workout, your sport or just putting a healthy movement break into your day sitting at your desk. :-)

But what if you can't do this move or it's really hard to shift your spine and shoulders around with ease?

To make this move-- and the rest of your daily activities -- easier and more enjoyable, do Somatics! 

With Somatics you will release tension patterns along the front, back and sides of your body and relearn to rotate your body with ease. Try the Daily Supplement playlist on my YouTube channel, or better yet, enroll in the Think Somatics Online Classroom for tons of recorded lessons created so anyone, anywhere in the world can learn Somatics.

The image below shows all the ranges of motion of the shoulder, elbow and wrist. There's a lot of potential movement, eh? But, we often limit our movement potential because we just do things like drive cars, sit at computers and play with devices. Because the brain learns to move the body by repeatedly doing movement patterns, if small, limited movements are your typical patterns, that's what you are learning to do. You actually get good at being tight, and your brain forgets the fuller, larger movements we did when we were younger.

But you can learn new movements at any age! That's the great gift of neuroplasticity. You can reclaim your freedom of movement with Somatic Education. It's not stretching or strengthening, but rather doing gentle, safe movements called pandiculations.

Joint range of motion of ETS-MARSE. (a) shoulder joint: horizontal flexion/extension; (b) shoulder joint: vertical flexion/extension; (c) shoulder joint: internal/external rotation; (d) elbow flexion/extension; (e) forearm pronation/supination; (f) wrist flexion/extension; (g) radial/ulnar deviation.
Image from ResearchGate.

Ready to relearn to move well so you can live well? Schedule a private session with me. I can work with you in my Portland OR studio or online. 

thank you for stopping by and reading.


PS The world is in a huge contraction right now, creating stressed out human beings, and making life harder than it has to be. That's why I'm on a mission to bring Somatics to the people. If this post resonates with you, and you know of others who could benefit from reduced stress, pain, anxiety, please pass this along. Thank you!


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