How is Your Mind Set?

I think about how to express what Somatics is, what it can do for a person, all the time. On a cognitive level, most new clients grasp what I'm talking about. But how they apply Somatics to their bodies and lives is another thing. Because every person comes to Somatics at their own pace and with their own mindset.

"Mindset" to me mean the mind can be "set", as in set in stone. Or the mind set, can be a set of tools-- or ways of thinking--for taking in new information.

Intellectually someone may have an appreciation for Somatics, but if they keep doing their lives exactly as they always do it, their mind is set, and nothing can really change. Only love, time, curiosity, and practice can create a light bulb moment, leading to longer-lasting changes. And only more love, time, curiosity and practice will keep a soma moving in that growth/changing direction.

I often find highly educated clients have a hard time getting out of the prefrontal cortex and into the sensory motor cortex and into their bodies. But then again, this can be the case for people who think they aren't smart enough to "get" Somatics.

No matter how intelligent, unaware, aware, knowledgeable, etc someone thinks they are, they can't out smart their nervous system. Sensation is the only salvation.

We are living in a very externally driven world right now, and it's taking a toll on all of us. The more interoceptive (having internal awareness) we are of how we react to stressors of life, what we feel when and how we use our bodies, the more equipped we can be to survive and thrive these times. 

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