Alternative to Feldenkrais or Somatics table--Can you do Somatics on a bed?

Sometimes when new clients come to me they say they can't get down and up from the floor with ease, so they ask if they can do Somatics on their beds.

Yes, you can do your Somatics practice on your bed, but if it's a soft, squishy one, be warned: You can over do the movements and make yourself sore.

When I redecorated my home office I wanted a daybed of sorts. I actually got rid of my standing desk. I hate to sit at a desk or table for long periods of time. When I do sit, I like to sit on the floor. But this where you'll find me, when not on the floor. I sit on this bed to write newsletters and such. It's not really a daybed, but it makes a great little snuggly area to sit and work. I put my laptop on a pillow on my lap, legs crossed. It's SUPER firm! Perfect alternative to a traditional Somatics table, and actually less expensive than many of the folding tables.

It would make a great bed for doing Somatics if you can't get to the floor. I've just got a twin size, but a wider double bed would be good too. Of course you need the space for one.

Could it be a Somatics table/guest bed?

I imagine a lot of people would not like to sleep on this, because they are stiff and rigid in their bodies. But if they did Somatics they could find it comfortable. My sister has slept on it. She has very "green light" posture and does not do Somatics. She called it a prison bed. Haha! My mom, who does do Somatics, really liked it. Found it cozy. Personally I love sleeping on this bed...when my husband snores, I escape here! ;-)

I still do my Somatics on the floor, but love doing a few movements on this bed in the morning when I wake up.

Here are the exact items from IKEA.
We cut thin slices of a large dowel to bump up the height of the legs a bit, so we could fit the reclaimed drawers under the bed.

Alternatives to Somatics on the floor

You don't have to go to the floor to do your practice. You can do Somatics standing or seated. I guide students through all kinds of lessons, including seated and standing lessons in the Think Somatics Online Classroom. Sometimes I even like to do Somatics standing with my back against a wall. Varying the way you do your Somatics will give you varying sensory feedback, which is a good thing!

If you are brand new to Somatics, I can help you establish your home practice with a private somatics session. I work with clients from around the world online. Lessons are designed for your needs and you even receive a recording to use for your home practice. :-)




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