Motor plan your somatics moves

If the idea of moving your body a certain way, sends you into a state of anxiety that said movement will hurt, or you believe you can't do a pandiculation, here is a suggestion.

Motor plan it.

Motor planning is simply imagining do a somatic movement--pandiculation-- with ease and control. Imagine what it would feel like to do the movement, breathe with ease, and release out of the imaginary movement with control and without pain. Because if your brain is anxious, it can send you into a state of hyperarousal. Almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But you aren't actually moving! So your brain starts priming to move with ease in your imagination. Practice that, and see what happens.

Motor planning is also a cool thing to explore if you:
  • are becoming rote in your Somatics practice
  • are going too fast
  • can't feel anything in particular while moving
  • are over effort-ing. Working too hard!

Let me know what you learn about yourself after you try this trick.


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