Best Way to Get Rid of a Migraine in Minutes

I'm on an ongoing mission to share Clinical Somatics with the community near and far. This week I've been leading introduction to Somatics classes to the lovely ladies at KFit Studio. One gal came in with a migraine that had been hounding her for a couple of days.

When I introduced "Wash Rag" a luxurious pattern to release tension in the back, hips, neck and shoulders, she hollered out "Oh my gosh! My migraine is going away!!" Yeah, I think she was sold on how wonderful the world of Somatics can be. No drugs, no pain, and super easy way to get rid of a tension migraine or headache in mere minutes. Sweet!

So here's a video of the move, Wash Rag, we did. You really should explore the whole Daily Supple-ment series. The full routine will release tension front, back, sides of the body as well as help it rotate with ease.

Enjoy and let me know how it goes in the comments below.

 To learn more, contact me! I work with clients in my Portland Oregon studio. We also can meet online for a lesson from your home, anywhere in the world. Super easy-peasy way to start gaining freedom in your body and your life. Or just try one of my streaming Somatics class videos.


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