Rigidity is Your Enemy

My colleague Tricia summed up my thoughts about the state of the world perfectly the other day. She said,

I wonder about the toll political contraction is taking on people's health? Emotional contractions trigger the brain's Limbic system. The Limbic system contracts our muscles without our permission or awareness and if we habituate that, it will take a toll on our organs and well-being. What can we do? Find a way to get quiet and separate. Somatic Movement, meditation, make music, hug someone, yoga, dancing, fishing, whatever, find neutral. When we have voluntary control of our muscles and know where our personal neutral is, we decide who we want to be, how to act, react, and respond in a way that supports our health.

I was thinking along those lines when I made the following video. Sure, I'm talking about the line of BS we've been fed about how tight abs and a rigid body are supposedly good for us. We hear it everywhere; gyms, doctors, physical therapists.

 Think Different, Be Different!
~ try Somatics
~ get in touch with your true self
~ free yourself to move with ease 
~then live we joy and freedom!


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