Saturday, March 9, 2019

True or False: Pain occurs whenever you are injured

Pain occurs whenever you are injured. 


Have you ever noticed a bruise on your leg or arm, but have no memory of how or when you got it? Or noticed your cheek is bleeding after shaving but were only alerted by the sight of the blood, but no pain on your cheek?

Bleeding and bruising are obvious examples of physical damage to tissues, but no pain because your brain decided it wasn't critical and didn't alert you with pain.

There can be times when your brain can't decide if you are injured or not.

Like when a small child falls down in the playground and doesn't react immediately, but looks to mom, and if she freaks out then the child starts to cry. Or vice versa, she is calm and the child gets up and moves on to another activity. 

There is a well known case of a construction worker admitted to the emergency room for a nail through his boot, in pain, only to find out the nail didn't go through his foot at all, but between his toes. The brain is an amazing thing, eh? His brain interpreted the visual of the nail through the boot and alerted him to a painful situation. 

Here is the full Neurophysiology Questionnaire with more True of False questions that can enlighten you about how the brain and nervous system interpret pain.

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