Sunday, February 24, 2019

The easiest, fastest, pain free way to get rid of back pain, foot pain, any pain!

Low back pain?
Foot pain?
It's all connected!
Most "solutions" to life's problems come at them from the outside. We turn to "experts", or gadgets, or extreme methods to create some sort of change in our bodies and lives.

Somatics, on the other hand, addresses the root of all motor patterns and habits, your brain! If you want to create lasting change, you'll get quicker and easier results by addressing your brain and nervous system.

Here's an example. Maybe you have plantar fasciitis. Your podiatrist may recommend a heel lift, orthotics, squishy shoes. Some sort of adaptation to the way you are functioning. You have tightness in the back of your body that is literally shortening your musculature along the back of your body and pulling your heel up away from the floor.

Adaptive approaches aren't addressing the root cause of your plantar fasciitis. This is like shoving a towel across a drafty threshold, when the true problem is the out-of-alignment foundation of the house, that makes that door not close properly.

From the Clinical Somatics perspective, you likely have tightness and tension not just in your calf and bottom of your foot, but along the entire facia/muscular lines, running from your head to toes on the back side of your body. You likely have tightness in your low back and probably into one side of your waist.

The experts may also suggest stretches and forceful, painful methods to get the muscles of your calf and foot to stretch. Science now knows that stretching does not work to lengthen muscles. Plus why do we perpetuate treating pain with more pain?! When we experience pain, our muscles contract not lengthen. Again, counterintuitive when you really think about it.

Somatics on the other hand, resets your muscles to their natural resting length. We do simple, enjoyable movements called pandiculations. Pandiculations reset the feedback loop between your brain and the nerve receptors in your muscles so they release the muscles to their natural resting length. So simple! Really. Ya gotta try it. This is all based on the science of neuroplasticity. You can change your patterns. You can get out of pain. The brain is the command center of how you function. If you want to function well to live well, go the source, the brain.

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