Wednesday, December 26, 2018

January 2019 Think Somatics and Take It Outside Fitness classes

If you have goals to change things in your life, starting in 2019, please join me in these classes. My Think Somatics and Take It Outside Fitness classes are all about being present, openness, freedom of movement and having fun. Ya know, like when we were babies and children. Back then we just wanted to learn and absorb new experiences. But as we grew up our freedom was often stymied. 

"Sit still."

"Face forward."

"Be quiet."

"Stop asking questions."

"You're doing it wrong."

We started to prune away our freedom of movement and literally learned how to not move. 

These classes are designed to bring your brain, senses, and somatic awareness back onboard, so you can move well so you can live well.

 To sign up for classes and purchase a punchcard visit my website

Somatics Fresh Start
TUE Jan 1  | 8:30am | Studio
WED Jan 2  |  1:00pm PST  | Online
FRI Jan 4  |  8:30am  |  Studio 
This week we will be covering the basics of somatics. Perfect for newbies, but always wonderful for established students to review. We will release tension from front, back sides of body and learn how to rotate with ease. 

Somatics for Hips, Knees and Feet
TUE Jan 8 | 8:30am | Studio
WED Jan 9  | 1:00pm | online
FRI Jan 11  |  8:30am  | Studio 
This week we will explore how to torso moves impacts the pelvis, knees and feet; connect the shoulders to the pelvis; and how a free moving spine makes for pain-free feet. How we function (move) is all connected and trying to fix one part and not the whole system is the old-school wack-a-mole approach. Learn to make your life easier with Somatics!

Skull, Neck and Shoulders
TUE Jan 15 | 8:30am | Studio
WED Jan 16  | 1:00pm | Online
FRI Jan 18  |  8:30am  | Studio 
This week we will explore how the eyes influence the way the spine moves; play with head placement in seated and standing movements on Wednesday; and connect how the hands and arms move impacts the pelvis.

Somatics for Freer Walking
TUE Jan 22 | 8:30am | Studio
WED Jan 23  | 1:00pm | Online
FRI Jan 25  |  8:30am  | Studio 
Tuesday we will explore moves to connect the skull to the pelvis so walking becomes a fluid movement pattern; Wednesday will explore standing and some seated movements; Friday  will be a combo of both days. Super fun stuff, that you can blend into your days and take for a walk. :-)

Rock-n-Roll with Somatics
TUE Jan 29 | 8:30am | Studio
WED Jan 30  | 1:00pm | Online
FRI Feb 1   |  8:30am  | Studio 

This week we will explore moves that move a bit faster and bigger. These moves will take you back to playing, wiggling and being carefree of childhood! 

Take It Outside Fitness classes
Mondays | 8:30am | Mt Tabor
Wednesdays | 8:30am | Mt Tabor
In addition to my somatics classes I offer Take It Outside Fitness classes. These classes take your somatic awareness "up into gravity" for real-life movement patterns to re-enforce what you gain in my somatics classes. Even if you opt for just the outdoor classes, you will benefit. These classes take the body into multiple planes of movement, unlike typical gym workouts, so you learn to move well so you can live well.
TIOF is my original class format where I'll share fun, clever ways to use your surroundings as your gym. You'll never look at stairs, hills, see-saws and swings the same way again. Ages range from teens to 80s. I can vary a workout for your abilities. You'll love it! Really!​


To "attend" online classes you will need:
* a wifi connection
* a laptop computer, tablet, ipad, smart phone device (desktop computers don't work well because they are on a desk and you are on the floor)
* open space to lie down on the floor (unless we are doing a seated/standing class)
* so I can see you better, a well lit area works best
* space to walk around a bit as well

You will receive a link to the Zoom classroom in your class registration confirmation. Here's a tutorial to learn how to join the classroom once you receive the link.

​Please get online prior to class and set up your space so you are visible to the camera of your device. If I can't see you, I can't help you with your practice as well. Below is an example of what I'm talking about.

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