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December 2018 Classes with Think Somatics + Take It Outside Fitness

Holy cow! How did the end of the year get here already? Good thing we have somatics and fresh air to help us survive the speedy world that zips around us. :-) Here's what we are focusing on this month.

JUST FYI no classes on 
Mon Dec 16
Tues Dec 17
Mon Dec 24
Tues Dec 25
Wed Dec 26

To sign up for classes and purchase a punchcard visit my website

Somatics for Knees, Hips and Feet
TUE Dec 4  | 8:30am | Studio
WED Dec 5  |  1:00pm PST  | Online
FRI Dec 7  |  8:30am  |  Studio 
When clients tell me they have "tight hips" or "cranky knees" I'll bet they have forgotten how to move their waists, shoulders and pelvises freely. See, the torso should move the limbs, not the other way around. In this class we will assess how we walk first. Next we'll go through some yummy pandiculations (somatics movements) of the front, back and sides of the torso, and then rotate the body. After that we will walk again and see how much more freely our torsos move so our hips and knees are moving with ease as well. So simple!

Somatics in a Chair
TUE Dec 11  | 8:30am | Studio
WED Dec 12  | 1:00pm | online
FRI Dec 14  |  8:30am  | Studio 
Babies, young children and all animals pandiculate multiple times a day. What is "pandicuating"? Pandiculations are gentle contractions of muscles and even gentler releases, that leaves muscles relaxed to their natural resting length. And that's what Hanna (or clinical) Somatic movements are. While typical class movements are done on a flat surface, I'll share simple, seated ways to pandiculate all day, at work, in traffic and while stuck on the phone with your stoopid internet provider. Bye bye stress, hello freedom!

How to Make Your Life Easier with Somatics

FRI Dec 21  | 8:30am | Studio |
If you had a fine, golden necklace with a knot in it, would you yank and pull at it get it untied? Maybe... You might get frustrated and make it worse. You might break it, by working hard and forcefully to change the knot that won't untangle. But if you look at it thoughtfully and gently use your senses to solve the puzzle of the knot, voila, you solve your problem with ease. This is how somatics works. You solve your problems with awareness to the situation, minus common words of our culture--challenge, resistwork harderfight-- to create change. Once you learn the secrets of somatics, you will find many things in your life become easier, just by being aware and in the moment.

Somatics for Ribs to Wrists
Friday Dec28 | 8:30am | Studio 
This will be a fun class that will free up the ribcage, which in turn will change how your shoulders, back, spine, arms and wrists move. Well, why stop there, it'll go down to the feet too. Because we are whole beings functioning as whole systems. 

Take It Outside Fitness classes
Mondays | 8:30am | Mt Tabor
Wednesdays | 8:30am | Mt Tabor
In addition to my somatics classes I offer Take It Outside Fitness classes. These classes take your somatic awareness "up into gravity" for real-life movement patterns to re-enforce what you gain in my somatics classes. Even if you opt for just the outdoor classes, you will benefit. These classes take the body into multiple planes of movement, unlike typical gym workouts, so you learn to move well so you can live well.
TIOF is my original class format where I'll share fun, clever ways to use your surroundings as your gym. You'll never look at stairs, hills, see-saws and swings the same way again. Ages range from teens to 80s. I can vary a workout for your abilities. You'll love it! Really!​


To "attend" online classes you will need:
* a wifi connection
* a laptop computer, tablet, ipad, smart phone device (desktop computers don't work well because they are on a desk and you are on the floor)
* open space to lie down on the floor (unless we are doing a seated/standing class)
* so I can see you better, a well lit area works best
* space to walk around a bit as well

You will receive a link to the Zoom classroom in your class registration confirmation. Here's a tutorial to learn how to join the classroom once you receive the link.

​Please get online prior to class and set up your space so you are visible to the camera of your device. If I can't see you, I can't help you with your practice as well. Below is an example of what I'm talking about.

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