Tuesday, October 30, 2018

November Think Somatics and Take It Outside Fitness classes

Hey there! First off, be sure you vote this November!
Somatics, full pattern movement and civic duty are critical parts to life :-)
OK, now that I've said that, here is what we are focusing on in November.

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Somatics and Better Breathing
FRI Nov 02  | 8:30am | Studio 
Somewhere I read--or maybe one of my teachers said--adults pretty much breathe just enough to keep themselves alive. There are many factors that hinder our ability just breathe fully and in a relaxed way. The top three being, the pressures of daily life in industrial world; cultural norms; and ubiquitous concept that a tight core is a good thing. This week we will explore how these norms hinder us, how somatics balances the body to a more thermostatic level with the nervous system and how a more balanced nervous system relates to the rest of the body. You can read more about respiratory muscles here.

Somatics for Pelvic Floor
TUE Nov 6  | 8:30am | Studio |
WED Nov 7  | 1:00pm | ONLINE*
FRI Nov 8  |  8:30am  | Studio  |
So many things doctors attribute to aging can be actually linked back to stress within the body. I've worked with women who have found Somatics has helped them end their urinary incontinence. Here's a post from a satisfied client who was so amazed she wanted to share her story with others.  Mean too have pelvic floors and can benefit from Somatics. Regardless if you have pelvic floor issues or not, everyone can benefit from this class... because everyone has one. :-) 

Somatics for Neck and Shoulders
FRI Nov 16  | 8:30am | Studio |
According Physicians Weekly, $90 billion is spent on the diagnosis and management of back and neck pain each year. And most people aren't actually getting relief, some are becoming addicted to pain meds. There is a better, safer, and simpler way; By tapping into the brain and nervous system that is stuck in faulty patterns and has forgotten how to release tight muscles. You aren't just a bunch parts, so why are you addressing just the site of discomfort? In this class we will address the whole spine, from skull to tailbone. You have to experience it to believe it!

Somatics and Better Breathing
TUE Nov 20 | 8:30am | Studio 
WED Nov 21 | 1:00pm | ONLINE 
See above for description.

Climb the Empire State Building at Mt Tabor
THU Nov 24  |  8:30am  | Mt Tabor  |  
Join us for a free hike that takes us up and down hills and stairs that are the equivalent of climbing the Empire State Building, 103 floors! This is not a Somatics class, but rather a Take It Outside Fitness class, but we will wrap up with somatic movements to release our muscles.

Bliss Friday
FRI Nov 23  |  8:30am  | Studio  | 
If you'd rather avoid the stress, tension, anxiety and pressure of what has become the norm of day after T-day, join us for a lovely time in the studio for somatics. Sure to leave you feeling blissed and blessed.

Somatics for Neck and Shoulders
TUE Nov 27  | 8:30am | Studio
WED Nov 28  | 1:00pm | ONLINE*
FRI Nov 30  |  8:30am  | Studio  
See above for description.

Take It Outside Fitness, Somatic Fitness and Movement Classes

Mondays | 8:30am | Mt Tabor
Wednesdays | 8:30am | Mt Tabor
In addition to my somatics classes I offer Take It Outside Fitness classes. These classes take your somatic awareness "up into gravity" for real-life movement patterns to re-enforce what you gain in my somatics classes. Even if you opt for just the outdoor classes, you will benefit. These classes take the body into multiple planes of movement, unlike typical gym workouts, so you learn to move well so you can live well.
TIOF is my original class format where I'll share fun, clever ways to use your surroundings as your gym. You'll never look at stairs, hills, see-saws and swings the same way again. Ages range from teens to 80s. I can vary a workout for your abilities. You'll love it! Really!​


To "attend" online classes you will need:
* a wifi connection
* a laptop computer, tablet, ipad, smart phone device (desktop computers don't work well because they are on a desk and you are on the floor)
* open space to lie down on the floor (unless we are doing a seated/standing class)
* so I can see you better, a well lit area works best
* space to walk around a bit as well

Within 30-60 minutes before the start of an online class, I'll send out an email with a link to your online classroom. Here's a tutorial to learn how to join the classroom once you receive the link.


​Please get online prior to class and set up your space so you are visible to the camera of your device. If I can't see you, I can't help you with your practice as well. Below is an example of what I'm talking about.

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