Saturday, October 6, 2018

Free Online Intro to Somatics Class | Saturday October 13 2018

FREE Intro to Somatics Online Presentation

Saturday October 13  |  9:00am pacific time  |  More Details and Registration  

Hi there! Once a month I offer a free Intro to Somatics. It's open to anyone and everyone, so be sure to tell your friends and family, anyone who want to feel great in their bodies and lives without drugs, surgery or on-going treatments.

Somatics goes to the root of all movement, the brain! Learn how to release chronic tension with simple, safe and enjoyable movements so you move with ease and mastery.

* Learn what the three main reflexes to stress and stimuli are.
* What Sensory Motor Amnesia is.
* What pandiculations are and how they influence the brain.
* How Somatics is not bodywork, but rather brain work.

Somatics is unlike anything you’ve ever tried to get you out of pain.

* it’s not treatment, it’s an education
* its not stretching or strengthening
* it empowers you to "fix" yourself, (somatic educators call it _freeing_ yourself)
* it's safe, gentle and pain free!

I will explain the basics and give you an opportunity to ask questions. See you then!

Do you know what Neuroplasticity is?

This short video explains Neuroplasticity simply and succinctly.

How does Somatics change the brain?

Clinical Somatics is not a trendy new exercise class. It’s not designed to create dependency on someone to “fix” you. It’s all based on neurophysiology; how and what our brains and nervous systems do when we experience accidents, surgeries, and daily stressors. 

It’s in our human DNA to respond with particular reflexes. We coil into a fetal position when scared, we arch our lower backs when we're called to action, we twist and bend to protect ourselves from injury or pain. It’s involuntary! Reflexes are meant to help us survive. Unfortunately in today’s world, events and lifestyle habits keep us in those reflex patterns 24/7, to the point where our brains no longer know how to release the muscles triggered for action. That’s when things go haywire. We've developed SMA, **Sensory Motor Amnesia**. Our brains have forgotten how to release the tight, tense muscles that create pain in our bodies, joints and the muscles themselves, not to mention a host of health issues typically attributed to aging, but are actually **learned dysfunctions**.

With safe, simple movements your brain learns how to release the tension and you literally change the neural pathways in your brain! How cool is that!? **Somatics is neuroplasticity in action**. 

Listen within. That's where your knowledge and power is.

 If a freer you is what you want, I'll see you Saturday! The choice is all yours.

Please visit my website for more details on Somatics


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