Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Somatics Salon a la Think Somatics

Centuries ago, generally hosted by women, "a salon was a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host." per Wikipedia. Historically these gatherings focused on literature, art, or philosophical movements. There are modern day salons occurring around the world in the 21st century.

As you know, I'm very inspired by Somatics. It's all I talk about. :-) So are people who find me through my YouTube channel, online classes and online private lessons. With that in mind, I'm introducing Somatics Salons. These events are part of my mission to to spread somatics in the tradition of Thomas Hanna far and wide, by taking Somatics on the road.

A Somatics salons is a gathering of people seeking enlightened ways to become, and stay, self sustaining, self regulating and self correcting in their bodies and minds. They want to learn about Thomas Hanna, PhD, developed Hanna Somatics, which is the foundation to the school of Essential Somatics. Hanna was a philosopher who worked with the body. He was perpetually intrigued by man's ability to stay free and autonomous. Personally I think the world is in a huge contraction right now. That's why his work is so needed in society today. There are three primary goals of the somatics salons.

  • Help people understand how the brain controls pain, and controls freedom. Humans have the ability to "fix" themselves and most of their problems. Not through force, pain or avoidance, but by sensing what they are doing so they can change it. 
  • Connecting people to sense themselves. Recognize that we have free will and the ability to self sooth and self regulate in the response to the 24/7 stressors we can not escape.
  • Connect people to each other. By sensing ourselves we can better relate to each other. When we have a better understanding of ourselves and what we feel, we can "walk in another man's shoes."

The Somatics Salons happen anywhere in the world that has a group of students waiting for a Somatics Educator to visit! These gatherings are hosted at people's homes or in local businesses. The host(ess) helps organized the event in his/her town, co-hosting the event with Kristin Jackson.

  • you love somatics and want to share it with your friends, co-workers, family, neighbors, club members, etc
  • you have a clean, open space within your home that is suitable a movement lesson (think great room, basement rec room, etc) 
  • or you have access to an affordable space in the community (yoga studio, local gym, high school gymnasium, community center, Masonic lodge, church hall, open office space). The space rental fee to be negotiated with Think Somatics. 
  • the host(ess) attends the Salon for free
  • Be introduced to the philosophy that is Somatics
  • learn the three primary reflexes that the brain can habituate within the body and cause tension and pain
  • Understand what Sensory Motor Amnesia is and how to reverse it
  • Learn somatic movements called pandiculations to get rid of pain and find freedom within your body and mind
Contact Kristin with the following information
  • Where you are located
  • If you are close to an airport, etc
  • Details about your space (dimensions, floor surface, etc)
  • How many people you can host in your space
  • Ideal dates to host our Salon
This is definitely a work in progress, but here we go!

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