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October 2018 Think Somatics + Take It Outside Fitness classes

Since Oct 7-13 is Mental Health Week, I thought I'd create somatic-based classes around that theme. To the somatics perspective there is no mind-body connection. We are mind-body organismsConnection means separate entities, with a link between.  I like to say the brain and the body are two sides of the same coin. What you feel is in your body is in your your mind. Your thoughts are felt in your body. Join me this month as we sense the relationship between the two. This month we will explore somatics movements--pandiculations-- in relation to breath, meditation, busy-ness and how sensory motor amnesia shows up in our body and lives.

Somatics + Meditation

TUE Oct 2  | 8:30am | Studio |  Save Your Spot
WED Oct 3  | 1:00pm | ONLINE* |  Save Your Spot
FRI Oct 5  |  8:30am  | Studio  |  Save Your Spot
Do you have a meditation practice? Have you tried but can't "get into it"? Is your monkey brain keeping you from a practice? Or maybe you have a meditation practice, have pain, and haven't found meditation a source of relief? I invite you to somatics class. Conventional approaches to meditation are top-down, left-brained driven with thoughts and concepts driving the show. Somatics is a bottom-up approach asking one to feel and sense oneself from within the body. Come! Explore somatics and find an enjoyable way to cut the chatter and chaos we believe is a part of modern life.

Take a Breath 

TUE Oct 9  | 8:30am | Studio |  Save Your Spot
WED Oct 10  | 1:00pm | ONLINE* |  Save Your Spot
FRI Oct 12  |  8:30am  | Studio  |  Save Your Spot
Somewhere I read--or maybe one of my teachers said--adults pretty much breathe just enough to keep themselves alive. There are many factors that hinder our ability just breathe fully and in a relaxed way. The top three being, the pressures of daily life in industrial world; cultural norms; and ubiquitous concept that a tight core is a good thing. This week we will explore how these norms hinder us, how somatics balances the body to a more thermostatic level with the nervous system and how a more balanced nervous system relates to the rest of the body. You can read more about respiratory muscles here.

Somatics, Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA) in Your Body and Your Life

TUE Oct 16  | 8:30am | Studio |  Save Your Spot
WED Oct 17  | 1:00pm | ONLINE* |  Save Your Spot
FRI Oct 19  |  8:30am  | Studio  |  Save Your Spot
My teachers use to say "SMA shows up in your life, not just in your body." We all develop motor patterns and we get really good at them.  SMA is when you move a certain way, but don't have a great sense of what you're doing, or how to change to another more fluid pattern. Let's say you have developed carpal tunnel syndrome, and find your wrist gets worse as you scroll through your Facebook feed with your right thumb umpteen times a day. Or maybe you walk with a limp that your friends and family ask you about, but you aren't aware of.  Both are examples of SMA. You have gotten really good at these patterns and can't seem to move in another way that doesn't hurt or hinder your freedom of movement. SMA can also show up as patterns of mindlessly eating, getting mad at your crazy uncle at Thanksgiving dinner before he even shares his latest crazy tinfoil hat conspiracy theory around the dinner table. You expect it and your body is already ramped up. :-) Our bodies almost guide us to act ways because we have habituated patterns, but ultimately the brain is in charge. With somatics you can impact the neuroplasticity of your brain and create new, healthier patterns. 

B-U-S-Y is a 4-letter word

TUE Oct 23  | 8:30am | Studio |  Save Your Spot
WED Oct 24  | 1:00pm | ONLINE* |  Save Your Spot
FRI Oct 26  |  8:30am  | Studio  |  Save Your Spot
Last week we focused on SMA showing up in our lives. This week we go another step into cultural norms and how busy-ness is yet another form of SMA. We all have it. Just to greater or lesser extents. I don't know how many people do all that they do. Work, home, kids, partners. We can't do them all and do them all well. We make lists and check off, rather than check in. Somatics is different.  Let's slow way down and sense what busy feels like, and what calm feels like. And let that awareness carry us out the studio door, back to our daily lives, noticing how we cope better with a greater sense of what hooks us into the go-go-go of life. Personal priorities can be muddied by busy-ness.  Trade in "just do it" for "Just be."

Somatics Surprise

TUE Oct 30  | 8:30am | Studio |  Save Your Spot
Oh look, an extra day of the month to explore somatics! Stay tuned for what's to come, or comment below to make a request.

Take It Outside Fitness, Somatic Fitness and Movement Classes

Mondays | 8:30am | Mt Tabor | Save Your Spot!
Wednesdays | 8:30am | Mt Tabor | Save Your Spot!
In addition to my somatics classes I offer Take It Outside Fitness classes. These classes take your somatic awareness "up into gravity" for real-life movement patterns to re-enforce what you gain in my somatics classes. Even if you opt for just the outdoor classes, you will benefit. These classes take the body into multiple planes of movement, unlike typical gym workouts, so you learn to move well so you can live well.
TIOF is my original class format where I'll share fun, clever ways to use your surroundings as your gym. You'll never look at stairs, hills, see-saws and swings the same way again. Ages range from teens to 80s. I can vary a workout for your abilities. You'll love it! Really!​


Please register at least 1 hour in advance of class.
To "attend" online classes you will need:
* a wifi connection
* a laptop computer, tablet, ipad, smart phone device (desktop computers don't work well because they are on a desk and you are on the floor)
* open space to lie down on the floor (unless we are doing a seated/standing class)
* so I can see you better, a well lit area works best
* space to walk around a bit as well

Within 30-60 minutes before the start of an online class, I'll send out an email with a link to your online classroom. Here's a tutorial to learn how to join the classroom once you receive the link.


​Please get online prior to class and set up your space so you are visible to the camera of your device. If I can't see you, I can't help you with your practice as well. Below is an example of what I'm talking about.

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