Monday, August 27, 2018

September 2018 classes with Think Somatics and Take It Outside Fitness

It's back to school time! And it's never too late to learn something new. Especially about yourself. How you move, or not. What you feel within. How to get rid of your pain, just by learning how to sense what your muscles are doing and letting go of excess tension. It's so simple! So join me in class this month.

Take It Outside Fitness

Mondays | 830am | Mt Tabor | Save Your Spot!
Wednesdays | 830am | Mt Tabor | Save Your Spot!

These classes are super fun and invigorating. We blend recess games, play, agility, balance and somatic awareness to stimulate your whole body AND brain. Think you're too old to join? Ha! Ages run from 30s all the way up to 80+! And yes, we meet for class, come rain or shine. Students say they love earning the bragging rights to say they Take It Outside no matter what! Keeping it real. :-) 

Release Your Neck and Shoulder Tension with Somatics

TUE  Sept 4  |  8:30am  |  Studio | Save Your Spot
WED  Sept 5  |  1:00pm  |  ONLINE* | Save Your Spot  
FRI  Sept 7 |  8:30am  |  Studio | Save Your Spot
According Physicians Weekly, $90 billion is spent on the diagnosis and management of back and neck pain each year. And most people aren't actually getting relief, some are becoming addicted to pain meds. There is a better, safer, and simpler way; By tapping into the brain and nervous system that is stuck in faulty patterns and has forgotten how to release tight muscles. You aren't just a bunch parts, so why are you addressing just the site of discomfort? In this class we will address the whole spine, from skull to tailbone. You have to experience it to believe it!

Happy Knees, Hips, and Feet with Somatics

TUE  Sept 11  |  8:30am  |  Studio | Save Your Spot
WED  Sept 12  |  1:00pm  |  ONLINE* | Save Your Spot
FRI  Sept 14 |  8:30am  |  Studio | Save Your Spot
When clients tell me they have "tight hips", "sore feet: and  "cranky knees" I'll bet they have forgotten how to move their waists, shoulders and pelvises freely. See, the torso should move the limbs, not the other way around. In this class we will assess how we walk first. Next we'll go through some yummy pandiculations (somatics movements) of the front, back and sides of the torso, and then rotate the body. After that we will walk again and see how much more freely our torsos move so our hips and knees are moving with ease as well. So simple. see you there!

Somatics for Chest, Arms, Hands and Wrists

TUE  Sept 18  |  8:30am  |  Studio | Save Your Spot
WED  Sept 19  |  1:00pm  |  ONLINE* | Save Your Spot
FRI  Sept 21 |  8:30am  |  Studio | Save Your Spot
Our arms start all the way in at the breast bone in the front of the body and at the spine and shoulder blades all the way down to the pelvis in the back of the body. There are even muscles that run from your skull to your shoulder. So if you are experiencing pain or mobility issues with your shoulders, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and jaw, come to class! We will soften, not tighten the body, so you can move with more freedom and ease, and of course pain free. 

Fall Prevention the Somatic Way
TUE  Sept 25  |  8:30am  |  Studio | Save Your Spot
WED  Sept 26  |  1:00pm  |  ONLINE* | Save Your Spot
FRI  Sept 28 |  8:30am  |  Studio | Save Your Spot
A brain that has good control of the body and how it functions and moves, will be less susceptible to falling down. Even better, a brain that has sound control of how the muscles contract and release, will fall more softly, if you do happen to stumble and/or fall. This class will be seated and standing.


Please register at least 1 hour in advance of class. 
To "attend" online classes you will need
* a wifi connection
* a laptop computer, tablet, ipad, smart phone device (desktop computers don't work well because they are on a desk and you are on the floor)
* open space to lie down on the floor (unless we are doing a seated/standing class)
* so I can see you better, a well lit area works best
* space to walk around a bit as well

Within 30-60 minutes before the start of an online class, I'll send out an email with a link to your online classroom. Here's a tutorial to learn how to join the classroom once you receive the link.

​Please get online prior to class and set up your space so you are visible to the camera of your device. If I can't see you, I can't help you with your practice as well. Below is an example of what I'm talking about.

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