Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Happy Self-sufficient, Independence Day!

Are you truly free to be?

Do you have a plan to stay independent as you age? Are your current ways of moving sustainable? Maybe you believe we get stiff, achy and lose ability to do things because we are getting older. That is a total myth!

The true reason we lose our abilities to function like our younger selves is because we literally learned how to be stiff and rigid.

It's a gradual learning process, which actually starts at a young age, when we are told to sit down, face forward and stop moving.

Then we are told stand up straight, suck in your belly, tuck your bum, work on that tight core.

Then we sit, a lot. School, getting from point A-to-B, at work, numbing out in front of the boob tube. Sitting is the new smoking!

We experiences injuries along life too.  In response, our brains contract muscles throughout our whole bodies to protect us from the pain (think of what you do when you sprain an ankle).

As the saying goes, add insult to injury, and ta da! You've learned how to create tightness in your body! Your freely-moving, supple body of younger years has become the tight, achy, stiff and rigid body of today. Not because of age, but because of habit.

You might turn to a practitioner to help you. They will say "oh, well you aren't getting any younger!" Which is an insulting way of saying "I don't have a solution to the root cause, but here is a drug, a surgery, a massage, an adjustment, etc that will help you out for a while. And when that stops working, come on back and we can do it again."

If you want to change your pain patterns, you need to learn new ones. 

You learned how to move well as a young child and you can learn again.

Luckily for you your brain is plastic. Your brain can always learn to move with ease.

The old paradigm is to keep turning to outside sources to "fix" you.

In reality, if you can feel you can heal.  

You aren't a robot or machine made of individual parts, like a bike or a washing machine. You are a whole system, and when you move, your whole body works in tandem with every action you do, from how you eat a sandwich, curl up with a good book, mow the lawn, climb stairs, or run after your grandchild.

How your head moves influences how your pelvis moves. How your pelvis moves impacts how your shoulders move. How your shoulders move will effect how your feet meet the ground. It's all connected!

If you want to "fix" your shoulder, could it be coming from your tight hip? If your knee is bothering you, have you explored how tight your chest is?

Now this may sound like more work than you have time for, but its soooo easy.

Somatics frees you of tension.

Somatics frees up your time so you don't have to run to someone to "fix" you.

Somatics is your free, internally-hardwired health care system

You are genetically predisposed to do the moves that you learn from Essential Somatics. You learn how to pandiculate.

Pandiculations are the antidote to stress and tension. 

So if you want to remain free and autonomous, join me to sustain your freedom! Bust the Myth of Aging with Think Somatics.


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