Saturday, July 7, 2018

Dowloadable Somatics Classes

Do you wish you could take a Somatics class, but there is no Hanna--or Essential or Clinical-- Somatics Classes in your area? No problem!

Take a look over on my store front and you'll find full-length classes you can download for your permanent collection. Now you can take a somatics class any time, anywhere in the world!

I've created video classes and audio classes. Some people wonder if they need video classes to "get" the moves. No, you really don't. In my audio lessons I walk you through the movements very precisely, so you understand what we are doing at all times. In all honesty, when you are following along with any lesson, you should have your eyes closed anyway, so audio lessons are perfect. Why do I say that? Because when your eyes are open your brain is taking in a lot of additional data that interferes with what your sensory motor cortex is doing and sensing.

By closing your eyes, you gain much more internal somatic awareness.

If you get confused at anytime with an audio lesson, shoot me a message. Let me know which lesson and which movement you have issue with and I''l clear up any questions you may have.

Currently I have:
Somatics for Your Feet
The Daily Supplement which is a full body routine based on Thomas Hanna's Cat Stretch routine.
Somatics for Stiff Neck and Shoulders is quite popular.
Somatics for SI Joint Pain which can be helpful for sciatica and piriformis pain.
Seated and standing Somatics moves are great for anyone wanting alternatives to the typical floor movements.

I'll be adding new ones all the time, so be sure to sign up for updates and special offers.

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