Wednesday, June 27, 2018

How Somatics has changed my life

Science shows that tuning inward, we have the power to change so much at the root of everything we do--the brain-- just by being somatically aware. Here are some personal experiences I've had since I started my somatics practice.

With Somatics I'm pain free! 

I was a physical mess before I started Somatics. Just walking made me cry, my feet were so painful. After my first hands-on session, combined with my personal practice, I was walking pain free by the end of the week. No orthotics, special shoes, etc. I now walk, jog, dance, hike barefoot or in minimalist shoes.

My life is calmer

Ask anyone how they are these days and most respond, "I'm so busy!" as if that's a badge of honor or a sign of things must be good. I used to live that frantic life, but not really focused or very satisfied. I live a life that is calmer now. I don't feel anxious, breathless, tense all the time. Now I feel like I'm watching a mad world around me, knowing the secret, but people are too "busy" to listen. Not listen to me, but to their internal alert system that says, "Whoa, buddy! Slow down!!"

I see a "tight core" as bad for functionality 

One of the great things about Somatics is your brain gets really good at controlling muscles; when to contract them and when to relax. Because in reality, despite what we've been told, we do not want a "tight core" 24/7. When you rise from bed, do a turkish get up, or slump while playing with your device du jour, your rectus abdominis contracts  and shortens. But who wants a shortened, tight front of their body?! Not me. If your sternum and pubic bone are drawn closer together your shoulders will roll forward, your head will jut forward, your back will get tired holding you up against that pull all day. No es bueno, right? So you might say, "well, I do planks!" Fine, not a shortening, but a static plank is making for a rigid torso, and if you've been to my Somatics classes, you know that a rigid torso means you are working harder at just about everything when moving and when relaxing. This can be a hard concept to swallow, but try any movement in your life -- reaching for something on the top shelf, bending forward to get stuff out of the dryer, sprinting, skipping, and do them with a really tight torso. It feels awful, doesn't it? So why intentionally make your life harder by limiting your movement potential? Free yourself with somatic awareness.

I sleep so well

A tense body at day is a tense body at rest.  I sleep more deeply, remember my dreams more, and wake up refreshed. I also wake up pain free. I feel more rested now with 7-8 hours of sleep. I fall asleep easily If I do wake up and can fall back to sleep and avoid monkey brain, as I call it, ruminating about garbage that keeps most people up nights. And just for the record, I am in the perimenopausal phase of my life. :-)

Less desire for stuff

Luckily I never been into "retail therapy," but I used to love to check out second hands shops. Now, I'm good with what I have, no need for more stuff. I literally have little attachment to my possessions. Being happy within means "stuff" has little allure to me.

TV and movies? Yawn.  

I have little desire to watch TV or go to the movies. When watching TV our brains are less active than when we are asleep, so it's no wonder why people turn on the boob tube at the end of a stressful day. Tune in, numb out. If I need to get rid of stress, down on the floor I go, explore some Somatics and voila. Good to go!

I hate to sit in chairs

This may be another reason why movies and  TV are do undesirable for me. The thought of sitting for extended periods sounds awful to me. When I do sit down, I'm usually sitting on the floor, for work, eating meals, hanging out.

Alcohol has lost its appeal

I've never been a big drinker, but use to feel the urge for a glass of vino after a stressful day, and most days kind of felt stressful to some extent. These days I don't have anything to drink, and if I do pour myself some wine, its likely to go unfinished.

More present means more presents

I'm more present in the moment. Little things thrill me now. A walk around Mt Tabor Park stimulates my senses so I hear the trees, notice all the different greens, smell the freshly cut wood chips. I love the feel and heft of certain coffee cups. I particularly love breakfast! From the colors of my savory oatmeal, to the textures of things I top it with. To be so blessed to have food when I need it and clean water and a kitchen in which to prepare it. I sometimes wonder if I'm boring, or just easily satisfied. I don't have a bucket list. I feel like my life is pretty freaking awesome as it is.

My job is even more fulfilling

I absolutely love what I do. I always wanted to help people improve their lives with movement, so that's why I became a personal trainer 20+ years ago. Somatics is the missing link and luckily I found it and get to share it as my job. 

How about you? What gives you a sense of joy and freedom in your life? 

If you'd like to come home to yourself, let me know. I can help you free yourself of tension that's holding you back physically, mentally and emotionally. Somatics is NOT body work or therapy. It's an education in YOU! 

Thank you for being here.

freedom and ease for all,


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