Sunday, April 29, 2018

May 2018 Somatics classes with Kristin Jackson

Hi everyone! Here is what we are focusing on this month in Somatics classes.

Somatics for Face and Skull
Tue • May 1   | 830am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
Wed • May 2  |  1:00pm  |  studio | Save Your Spot!
Fri • May 4  | 8:30am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
There are 43 muscles in your face alone. From there, there are muscles that run over and and around the skull which work in tandem with muscles of the neck, shoulders and back. So what does that mean? Our posture affects our faces and vice versa! This class will be a subtle exploration of what we feel in our faces when we move our bodies, as well as what we feel in our bodies as we contract and release facial muscles. So long botox, I can relax my facial muscles with my brain!
Seated Somatics

Tue • May 8   | 830am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
Wed • May 9  |  1:00pm  |  studio | Save Your Spot!
Fri • May 11  | 8:30am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
We are born to pandiculate! We pandiculated as babies and young children. Animals do it 30-40 times a day. Pandiculations are gentle contractions and gentle releases, that leaves muscles relaxed to their natural resting length.  Join me in class where I'll share simple, seated ways to pandiculate all day, at work, in traffic and while stuck on the phone with your stoopid internet provider. Bye bye stress, hello freedom!
Somatics for Sticky SI Joints
Tue • May 15   | 830am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
Wed • May 16  |  1:00pm  |  studio | Save Your Spot!
Fri • May 18  | 8:30am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
Some people have SI joint pain, but don't know why or even where the SI joint is. We each have two sacroiliac (SI) joints. The SI joint is where the sacrum (bottom section of the spine) meet the right and left iliac bones of the pelvis. This joint is not super mobile, but it does/should have some give and play so you can walk, live and move with ease. Sometimes from a fall, hiking a baby on a hip or sitting wonky for long periods of time will twist one side of the pelvis so the SI joint is "stuck" and that equals yuck! This class will help your brain sense what is stuck and let it move more freely. Join me!
Somatics for Stress, Anxiety and Fatigue
Tue • May 22   | 830am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
Wed • May 23  |  1:00pm  |  studio | Save Your Spot!
Fri • May 25  | 8:30am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
There is good stress (you're wedding day) and there is bad stress (your day in divorce court) and all the other things of life that are great and not so great. Stress triggers reactions and contractions in your body. And if you perpetually feel stressed out it can result in anxiety, pain and fatigue. You have an innate super power to dissipate your stress levels. In this class you'll learn simple safe ways to tap into that power and let go of tension so you can relax, see things in a new light and let your body rest and digest.
Somatics Surprise
Tue • May 29   | 830am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
Wed • May 30  |  1:00pm  |  studio | Save Your Spot!
Fri • June 1  | 8:30am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
What will the focus be this week? Hmmm.... no matter what the focus, you will learn more about yourself and leave with a sense of calm, grounded-ness and freedom.

It's one thing to wiggle and roll around on the floor in Somatics classes. You also need to integrate that freedom of movement "up in gravity" (standing and moving) as we call it. My Take It Outside Fitness classes are a great way to incorporate your somatic awareness into real life activities. Super fun and everyone can get a workout at their own pace.

Take It Outside Fitness
Mondays  | 830am  |  Mt Tabor  | Save Your Spot!
These classes are super fun and invigorating. We blend recess games, play, agility, balance and somatic awareness to stimulate your whole body AND brain. Think you're too old to join? Ha! Ages run from 40s all the way up to 80+!  And yes, we meet for class, come rain or shine. Students say they love earning the bragging rights to say they Take It Outside no matter what! Keeping it real since childhood. :-) 

Take It Outside Fitness + Hand Weights
Wednesdays |  830am  |  Mt Tabor | Save Your Spot!
Grab a pair of hand weights and let's take it outside. People around the world move their bodies while they carry, lift and move weighted objects as part of their every day lives. If you sit more than move, this class will thrill your body and brain. Join us as we move around the park, play and get fit. 

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