Sunday, March 4, 2018

March 2018 Think Somatics + Take It Outside Fitness Classes

Hey there fellow Somas! 
I will be traveling part of March for more Somatic Educator training. I will be hosting regularly scheduled classes when I am in Portland. The focus of each Somatics class will be full body releases, so perfect for everyone. The Take It Outside Fitness classes are a great way to play, get a workout and bring your somatic awareness into bigger, more dynamic ways that integrate what you learn on the floor in Somatics classes. 

Somatics Drop In classes
Fridays March 2, 24, 30   | 830am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
Mondays March 5, 19, 26  |  4:30pm  |  online | Save Your Spot!
Tuesdays March 6, 20, 27  | 8:30am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
Each class will address the whole body, from head to toe, by releasing tension in the front, back and sides of the body. You will find your walking gait frees up, you feel lighter and more grounded at the same time, and have a greater sense of ease in your body and brain. 

Take It Outside Fitness
Mondays March 5, 19, 26  | 830am  |  Mt Tabor  | Save Your Spot!
Think you need a gym to get a workout? Think again! Start seeing the world around you as your gym. See that tree, guardrail, and swing set? Those stairs, that sand pit, and that trail up that hill? Got arms and legs? Then you are all set to workout! Plus you meet some super friendly peeps to keep you coming back for more.

Take It Outside Fitness + Hand Weights
Wednesdays March 7, 21, 28 |  830am  |  Mt Tabor | Save Your Spot!
Why go to a stuffy, artificial indoor gym when you can Take It Outside! grab a pair of light hand weights and meet us for a fun, invigorating workout that blends cardio and resistance intervals into a well-rounded routine. Move the way Mother Nature intended us to, and reap the benefits of green space and fresh air. Win win, whoohoo! 

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